Hunter Ceiling Fans That Deliver on Style

Ceiling fans have come a long way since the father and son team of John and James Hunter developed their first steam-powered ceiling fan in 1886. And for 135 years, Hunter Fans has continued to be at the forefront of innovation. Quieter, more efficient motors and styles that balance any creative vision have led to a renaissance in ceiling fans in interior design.

Whether to keep fresh, cool air circulating throughout a home or complement a room’s décor, when choosing a ceiling fan, it is essential to find one that efficiently cools the area while adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Most homeowners have experienced the discomfort of a room full of stagnant air. By circulating air and reducing the temperature, a ceiling fan can help mitigate this issue. Some ceiling fans can reverse their circulation to push warm air down towards the living area and reduce the cost of heating a home. With so many different types and sizes to choose from, finding the best stylish ceiling fan with a light kit can seem overwhelming.

Hunter ceiling fans work in every space, from damp-rated outdoor fans to streamlined modern fans for the living room, bedrooms, and baby’s room. Ceiling fans used to have a bad reputation for being clunky and old-fashioned, but these fresh new styles can enhance any design.

Outdoor Fans for Stylish Porch Living

What began as a nice-to-have quickly evolved into a functional design and a gathering place for family and friends. These days, porches and patios have become an extension of the home and are often decorated in much the same way interiors are. This means porch swings, area rugs, tables, sitting areas, and, of course, a stylish ceiling fan with light for both design and airflow.

How to Select the Right Size Fan for Your Room

When installing a ceiling fan on a porch or patio, make sure it is safe to be used under those conditions. Damp-rated fans can be installed in covered outdoor spaces. Wet-rated fans that can be directly exposed to water are more durable and can be installed in covered and uncovered outdoor areas. Wet-rated Hunter fans feature WeatherMax®, a process that uses tough materials that resist corrosion from water and salt air. WeatherMax® is top of the line for outdoor durability.


Havoc Outdoor Rated 54 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Supporting the black and white color scheme and boho style of this porch, the Havoc Outdoor Rated 54 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit is durable and made to handle the elements. Its hard lines and die-cast aluminum build are evocative of modern style and minimalist enough to blend into any design. A trio of these wet-rated, corrosion, and salt-air resistant fans offer cool comfort. This fan features WeatherMax®, a process that uses tough materials that resist corrosion from water and salt air. WeatherMax® is top of the line for outdoor durability.


Sea Air Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Nothing says sit a spell more than a pair of rocking chairs and Sea Air Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan. This fan’s traditional design goes perfectly with this outdoor gathering spot. This wet-rated fan features rust-resistant stainless steel hardware and 52-inch blades powered by a reversible, three-speed WhisperWind® motor, delivering powerful air movement with extremely quiet performance.

Living Room Ceiling Fans That Create Ambiance

A ceiling fan with light will shed warm, inviting ambient lighting throughout the living room. The key is getting the correct diameter and size for the area. First, measure the room and determine the square footage by multiplying the room’s length by its width. As a general rule, a room measuring 350 square feet or less can handle a fan 48 inches to 58 inches in diameter. For a room measuring more than 400 square feet, a fan of 60 inches or more in diameter is better. Or, of course, depending on the size and layout of the living room, more than one ceiling fan can be used.

The height of the living room ceiling will determine the mouthing type: flush, low profile, or a down rod that will bring the fan closer to the occupants of the room. Living rooms generally need eight feet of clearance from the floor.


Bureau With Led Light 60 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

The French deco design of the Bureau with Led Light 60 Inch Ceiling Fan brings in big and bold elements that make it a central focal point in the room. Marble glass covers the integrated LED light, allowing beautiful while light to shine through while emphasizing the soft lines in the marble. In a blend of function and design, brass buckles latch onto the glass and complement the art deco style. The simple design balances the look of the room.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans That Help You Sleep

Most sleep experts recommend that the bedroom’s temperature be between 60 to 67 degrees for optimal sleep. One way to ensure a cool temperature for sleeping is to install a ceiling fan. It can cool in the summer and, with a reverse motor, can keep the room warmer in the winter. Room size and ceiling height will also guide mounting type and fan size.


Radeon 44 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

The light wood of the Radeon 44 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit coordinates with the color of the headboard and bedside tables, bringing balance to the design. The simple lines of the fan echo the simple lines of the furnishings, making the look cohesive and comfortable. It offers quiet, wobble-free performance, high air velocity, and a reversible motor. Built with the SureSpeed® Guarantee that delivers over 33% higher air velocity than leading competitors and reversible four-speed WhisperWind® motor.


Dublin Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Bright, light, and white make this space perfect for a baby’s room. Running the ceiling fan on low while a baby sleeps can keep them comfortable and help them sleep better. Placing it away from the crib ensures the baby gets the right amount of cooling and air circulation. The Dublin Ceiling Fan with Light Kit offers a fun yet stylish design that supports the simple, neutral look of the nursery above. Includes three-speed, WhisperWind™ reversible motor.


Dempsey 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

A contemporary fan with clean lines, the Dempsey 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit fits flawlessly into this nursery’s design. The beautiful white finish blends into the ceiling, creating a soothing space for baby. The dimmable, high-efficient LED bulbs and handheld remote offers control over the lighting while the wide blade span keeps the room at the perfect temperature. Includes three-speed, WhisperWind™ reversible motor.


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