How to Illuminate Your Home for Autumn

Autumn brings cooler weather, crunchy leaves and marks the changing of the seasons. When the seasons change, so too should your lighting and décor.

During the crisp autumn months, Mother Nature delivers rich hues, warm orange tones, and fun holidays worthy of celebration. Like with any season, your lighting scheme should work in tandem with the environment around you.

Whether you’re raking leaves and tossing the football around or spending time around a firepit, your lighting scheme matters. If you’re unsure where to start – we can help! Here are our favorite indoor and outdoor fall lighting trends that will deliver the calm, cozy feelings synonymous with this time of year.

Where to Start

Like lots of tasks around the home, it can sometimes be tough to know where to start. It’s no different with outdoor lighting. Start by defining the purpose for freshening up your lighting. Think about how functional your new indoor and outdoor lighting scheme needs to be and whether you plan to host outdoor gatherings or not.

If you want to make the interior of your home cozier and warmer feeling, consider indoor lighting staples like an antique lamp or a candle holder for your favorite feel-good smells. For outdoor lighting, create a welcoming ambiance with outdoor lanterns. For everyday use, opt for an outdoor pier lamp and decorative pathway lights to keep your outdoor space well-lit.

Indoor Lighting

While seasonal lighting alterations are welcomed, the changes shouldn’t be wholesale. In fact, even just some small tweaks can go a long way in making your indoor lighting scheme warmer and well suited for those golden fall days.


Rustic vibes are all the rage during the autumn season and there’s no better way to quickly extract that feeling than with an antique lamp. (In this case, we’ll refer to a lamp as “antique” if it possesses a classical feel, not necessarily that it was made long ago.)

Antique lamps are a perfect way to add focused light to any space, all without totally uprooting your current design scheme. For a lamp with an old-school feel paired with modern functionality, check out the Weaver 66-Inch Floor Lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting. The gold leaf finish and tall wicker frame allow it to fit seamlessly within a fall-inspired aesthetic. Situate this beautiful floor lamp in your living room or home office for a warm splash of light.

Candle Holders

Nothing screams fall quite like a smell-good candle. Whether you opt for pumpkin, crisp autumn, or apple cinnamon-scented, your candles will look much better atop the Fireside Candle Holder by Stylecraft.

Designed to sit like a tripod, this indoor metal candle holder boasts a dark bronze, brass, and black finish, perfect for a darker time of year. A unique combination of decoration and functionality, this candle holder can be used all throughout your home. Create a romantic ambiance for dinner, add a touch of light to your living room or keep it on a nearby table for pure decoration.

Outdoor Lighting

Get in touch with nature with a refresh of your outdoor lighting options. Unlike your seasonal indoor lights, the exterior of your home can take on changes big and small. With daylight steadily decreasing, this is the perfect time of year to experiment with new and exciting outdoor lights.

Hanging Outdoor Lantern

Channel those spooky sensations with a fixture that harkens to an olden time with the Atkins 18-Inch 2-Light Outdoor Wall Light by Troy Lighting. Made with clear textured glass and a rust finish, this modern hanging outdoor lantern will effortlessly brighten up the exterior of your home. Situate this hanging lantern fixture on your front porch or back patio and spend more time in the cool weather this fall.

Pier Light

Versatility is key with outdoor lighting and it’s hard to find a more versatile light than the Belfast 15-Inch 1-Light Pier Lamp from Eglo. Made from strong stainless steel with a clear glass shade, this compact light fixture shines directed light to any desired space.

Though it’s traditionally used while on the ground, this modern light fixture can be used in all manner of areas. Use this pier lamp as an outdoor dining centerpiece or as a way to light up your back patio.

Path Light

No matter the time of year, safety has to be top of mind. A quick and easy way to make the exterior of your home safer and brighter is with the installation of a path light. Versatile enough to use all-around your property, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Reals 16-Inch Bollard by SONNEMAN.

Boasting a modern outward appearance coupled with LED power, this contemporary path light will seamlessly upgrade the look and feel of your front or backyard space. Use this portable path light to shine a light on your front yard walkway, back patio, deck or in a nearby flower bed.

Embrace the cool air and spooky time of year, without leaving your seasonal lighting dark and scary. You’re now equipped to switch up your lighting scheme in preparation for one of the best times of the year.


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