A Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Project with Julie of the Design Twins

When at home, you probably spend the majority of your time inside with the lights on, which is why it shouldn’t be too surprising that indoor lighting gets all the glory. After all, you’ve always been taught that “it’s what’s on the inside that matters,” right? We’re here to illuminate a different perspective.

Outdoor lighting is one of the first things people see when they approach your home — whether it’s landscape lighting, wall sconces, post lamps or security lights, each lighting fixture plays a specific purpose. The right outdoor lighting can also make a big difference when it comes to the curb appeal and design. Our recent project with Hinkley Outdoor Lighting and home decor guru/DIY blogger Julie Lancia of The Design Twins proved just that!

Julie’s brick front porch centered around a pair of beautiful custom doors, but was in need of a quick refresh. As it turns out, a pair of Hinkley fixtures were just what she needed make the entrance to her home truly glow with welcoming warmth. Here’s what Julie had to say about the project:

Q: First things first – why outdoor lighting? Tell us about the importance of this often overlooked category.

A: I’ve always felt outdoor lighting was so critical to a home. Besides being a convenience factor and a safety factor, how a home is presented with lighting is crucial to curb appeal and ambiance. Lighting has the power to turn an ordinary home into a magical home.

Q: What style or theme was the goal and how did you select the perfect lighting?

A: I wanted the lights to make a statement. I wanted them to be larger and more dimensional, so I chose suspended hanging lights. The style is an old-world classic style that will add character to our brick home.

Q: What were the important elements of the products you selected?

A: I definitely chose the style of these lights to add charm and character. I am also excited about the aged zinc finish, which will add to the old-world vintage feel I am after.

The Before and After

Ready for the big reveal? Although replacing a pair of outdoor sconces may not seem like a dramatic makeover, the new Hinkley fixtures truly make a statement — a reminder that a design refresh doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming!


Julie of The Design Twins - Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Project - Before Photo

Julie’s front porch was already welcoming, with custom-crafted front doors, hanging baskets of fresh flowers, and perfectly sized topiaries. But the white wall sconces were small and seemed to melt right into the red brick walls without making much of a statement.


Julie of the Design Twins - Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Project - After Photo

Julie chose a pair of Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Adair wall sconces, each with three candle-style lights to illuminate the front door. The Adair family of Hinkley fixtures were inspired by the early American coach lights popular throughout New England and feature an aged zinc and heritage brass finish to give Julie the vintag look she was going for. The durably constructed lights are designed to withstand the outdoor elements for years to come. Julie completed the refresh with a new welcome mat and gingham checkered pillows.

Why Hinkley Outdoor Lighting?

For 90 years, Hinkley Lighting has been creating high-quality lighting fixtures with superior materials, distinctive designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. We’re not surprised Julie chose Hinkley, but here’s what she had to say about the decision:

Q: How did you settle on Hinkley fixtures for your porch makeover?

A: It was really helpful for me to be able to talk to a lighting specialist before making my final decisions. The lighting experts at Capitol Lighting were ready to assist me at each step of my selection process. I even got brand-specific questions answered by the team at Hinkley Lighting. They were there for me to make sure I chose the best solutions for my very specific needs.

Other Favorites From Hinkley Lighting

In addition to the Adair family of fixtures, Hinkley has plenty of lighting options to suit your specific needs or style. Some of our favorites include:

Hinkley Lighting Anchorage 2-Light Outdoor Wall Light

Hinkley Anchorage

The Anchorage is an early American lantern crafted of solid aluminum for a bold, yet refined silhouette. The design features an aged zinc finish and clear seedy glass, to complement the long clean lines, elegantly arched carriage handle and sturdy knobs.

Hinkley Rhodes 4-Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Hinkley Rhodes

For a space with transitional or modern design, the Rhodes hanging lantern is an excellent choice. It exudes warmth and a handsome appeal with generous proportions and a warm bronze finish.

Hinkley Mondrian 16-Inch 4-Light Semi-Flush Mount

Hinkley Mondrian

Want to add drama to a protected porch or covered patio? The Mondrian features unique patterned panels of glass mounted in copper foil, for an art deco look that will instantly add personality to any space.

Outdoor Lighting: Things to Remember

Feeling motivated to add new lights or make over an outdoor space? If you’re looking for the best type of outdoor lighting for your home’s exterior, there a few tips and questions that can help you plan your design and choose the right fixtures.

Determine Your Lighting Goal

Are you trying to illuminate a general area, focus light on a specific spot, or do you need task lighting for activities like cooking or eating? Each of these requires a different type of light: ambient, accent and task lights, respectively.

Find Your Style

Are you into the vintage look, like Julie, or are you a drawn toward more contemporary design?

Perfect the Placement

For entryway outdoor sconces like the ones Julie used, your fixtures should be ⅓ or ¼ the height of the front door(s) and placed at least 6” from the door frame. When it comes to landscape lighting placement, consider which features you want lit, like prized plantings or beautiful trees.

Lighting as an Overall Factor in Design

By now, you hopefully understand that lighting should be a major consideration when designing (or redesigning) a space. Julie, the self-proclaimed “wild” half of The Design Twins (in conjunction with her sister Jodie) talks a bit more about what role lighting plays in design, and which lighting fixture in her home she feels most connected to.

Q: What priority do you place on light in your overall design?

A: Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room. It adds to the function, feel, design, and mood of any room. The fixtures often stand out as the focal point.

Q: What room is your favorite to design using lighting and why?

A: I love the lighting choices in a kitchen. They really do add so much character to the space. They are the crowning jewels so to speak.

Q: Just for fun: If you were a lighting fixture, what and where would you be?

A: I like to think of myself as unique! Each of the lights in my house was handpicked by me, unique, and specially chosen with the room in mind. I think if I were one of those fixtures I would be my dining room chandelier — it’s feminine and full of charm.

Through this lighting makeover project, we hope you enjoyed getting to know Julie and Hinkley Lighting a bit better – and that you’re inspired to see what an outdoor lighting refresh can do for your home’s curb appeal and design!


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