Stylish Ways to Illuminate Your Home Garden

Garden lighting can create a magical space in the garden that can be enjoyed even as the sun sinks down to the horizon and paints the sky with streaks of orange. Outdoor lights can transform the garden into an illuminated living space to be enjoyed after dark with these stunning outdoor garden lighting ideas.

The right garden lights can bring out accents in the garden, making outdoor spaces comfortable at night. Elegant pathway lights can lead the way to a cozy seating area in a secluded spot on the patio and cast a golden glow over an outdoor lounging space.

When landscaping a garden, don’t neglect to include integrated garden light ideas into the design. These final details will highlight unique features and have a stunning effect on the garden during the day and into the evening.

While maintaining an atmospheric mood is important—especially during long summer nights spent relaxing in the garden—some areas will benefit from larger lights. Dark areas shaded by trees or those that need to be illuminated for safety require a lighting plan.

Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Shrubbery

When it comes to garden lighting, seating areas generally get a lot of attention, making it easy to forget about lighting for the rest of the garden. However, by mindfully placing lights throughout the outdoor space, you can delineate seating and conversational areas perfect for entertaining or just relaxing and enjoying warm summer nights.

Beacon Hill 26 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Hinkley Lighting

Above, placing Beacon Hill 26 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Hinkley Lighting on the stone wall provides a decorative element during the day and a warm glow at night. Inspired by English pocket lanterns, this style offers a timeless aesthetic. It features a stunning blackened copper aluminum frame and heavily seeded glass that give off a welcoming glow. White candle sleeves expose the old-world charm at its core.

Kuzco Lighting Traverse 24 Inch Decorative Pathway Light

For gentle lighting that makes the pathway visible and shows off the landscaping, the Kuzco Lighting Traverse 24 Inch Decorative Pathway Light balances function and aesthetics. Inspired by the rotational illumination of lighthouses, this LED light provides directional lighting that is entirely adjustable, adding a creative element to any environment.

Atlantis 15 Inch Decorative Pathway Light by Hinkley Lighting

The ultimate in urban sophistication, the minimalist design of the Atlantis 15 Inch Decorative Pathway Light by Hinkley Lighting illuminates the pathway from the deck to the seating area with a soft glow. Dark sky compliant, these lights offer a chic solution for eco-conscious homeowners. The Silo 12 Inch Tall 2 Light LED Outdoor Wall Light provides subtle uplighting over the door, completing the look.

Exterior Lighting to Highlight Trees

Uplighting trees is a relatively simple yet highly effective way to increase the drama in an outside space. For this use, the light beam is directed towards each tree, putting the emphasis on each tree’s unique sculptural shape. This type of illumination turns the trees into living works of art.

To increase the drama, try uplighting trees that stand in front of a wall so that they cast interesting shadows.

Kichler Lighting Outdoor Accent Lights

Both functional and decorative, Kichler Lighting Outdoor Accent Lights provide ample illumination while transforming the trees into breathtaking design elements. These versatile lights put attention on the landscaping while bathing the entire home in a warm glow.

Hinkley Lighting Path Lights

Striking is the word that comes to mind for this home lit with gorgeous Hinkley Lighting Path Lights. They turn the trees into stunning landscape features while leading family and friends into the comforting light of the outdoor seating area. Spotlights graze the wall with angled light, creating shadows that draw the eye to the wall’s texture.

Outdoor Lighting for Paths and Stairways

An illuminated path makes it easy to find the way around the garden. Bollards placed along the edges at regular intervals crease a classic uniform look, while lights with an interesting and unusual shape make a clear statement. Whichever is used, the effect is inviting and dramatic.

Kuzco Lighting Parc 16 Inch Decorative Pathway Light

Path lights don’t have to be boring and non-descript. To give your garden more character, choose an unusual design that will draw attention where you want it. The Kuzco Lighting Parc 16 Inch Decorative Pathway Light adds glowing, warm light that makes the pathway easier to see.

Loft 1 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Hubbardton Forge

When the design includes steps, they need lighting so that they aren’t a hazard when family and friends congregate in the garden. Stylish lighting such as the Loft 1 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Hubbardton Forge can add a decorative flair while safely illuminating the stairs. Caged wire shade and opal glass add the perfect touch of urban chic to this outdoor space. The industrial design looks super-stylish as it allows the light to shine through.


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