Outdoor Lighting Fixtures by Hinkley You’ll Love in 2021

Today’s outdoor settings serve as an extension to the home with dining areas, kitchen equipment, lounging spaces, and more. Not only that, they tend to seamlessly move from daytime activities to nighttime entertaining. There’s a lot to think about when looking for the right outdoor lighting, from the style of the lighting to the features to be highlighted.

In addition to increasing safety and security around the home, Hinkley outdoor lighting can enhance the natural beauty of the outdoors. When choosing outdoor lighting, consider all the features of the home worth highlighting. But beyond lighting-specific features, think of outdoor lighting as a design element. How can lighting elevate the design of the outdoors and the entire home?

Why We Love Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

When you choose Hinkley exterior lighting, you’re choosing over ninety years of craftsmanship, expertise, and family leadership. They’re known for high-quality lighting with distinctive design details. Family-owned and operated for four generations, Hinkley began as a small outdoor lantern company. It evolved to provide lighting for every room in a family’s everyday life, from small moments to momentous events.

Hinkley exterior lighting fixtures are mindfully designed to create a harmonious transition from a home’s interior to the exterior, highlighting its unique features and creating comfortable rooms, indoors and outdoors, to enjoy life.

Where Hinkley Outdoor Light Fixtures Work Best

Although Hinkley exterior lighting fixtures can be placed just about anywhere, some places are an absolute must. Essential areas for outdoor lighting include:

  • Gazebos, trellises, and pergolas
  • Decks, patios, and pools
  • Steps, pathways, and driveways
  • Architectural features

In addition, the range of Hinkley exterior lighting fixtures includes wall lights, sconces, and hanging lanterns.

Sawyer 28 Inch Tall 12 Light LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The fresh, rustic design of the Sawyer 28 Inch Tall 12 Light LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern injects a warm vibe into any outdoor room, day or night. It brings the cozy ambiance of indoor settings to casual outdoor seating, making outdoor dining more atmospheric and intimate.

Weymouth 20 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Pier Lamp

While the poolside pavilion added detail and interest on its own, a view of the entire pool area studded with Weymouth 20 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Pier Lamps brings together each element of this spectacular landscape. The subtle yet overstated frame features a clean design, while its symmetrical lines evoke a timeless elegance. The pool looks modern with sacrificing traditional appeal.

Shelter 27 Inch Tall LED Outdoor Post Lamp and Path Lights

This pathway lined with Shelter 22 Inch Decorative Pathway Lights leading up to the Shelter 27 Inch Tall LED Outdoor Post Lamp demonstrates that not only should safety be first, it can also be beautiful. The minimalist style creates a chic, dramatic statement as the light from above gleams through the clear seedy glass shades.

Beacon Hill 26 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Post Lamp

Bringing attention to the stone wall and the hedge it surrounds, the stately line of Beacon Hill 26 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Post Lamps achieves a timeless aesthetic. This traditional lantern features a new, striking blackened copper aluminum frame inspired by English pocket lanterns. The heavily seeded glass shades pair beautifully with off-white candle sleeves, imbuing the space with authentic old-world charm while focusing on the home’s landscape and architectural elements.

Noteworthy Outdoor Lighting from Hinkley

Exterior lighting is as essential to a successful landscape design as plants, outdoor structures, and hardscapes. In addition to providing security and safety, Hinkley outdoor lighting placed throughout the landscape can transform the area into a beautifully designed masterpiece.

Alder 15 Inch Tall Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The bold, eye-catching Alder 15 Inch Tall Outdoor Hanging Lantern makes a serious impression in this outdoor room. Suspended over the seating area, it sheds direct light over the table and adds cozy ambiance and radiant glow to outdoor dining. A blend of modern form and function, Weymouth 22 Inch Tall 3 Light Outdoor Wall Light plays a supporting role with contrast candle sleeves and elegant beveled glass to help retract the light.

Lakehouse 29 Inch Tall 6 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The beautiful porch with a stone fireplace and wood-paneled wall surrounded by lush greenery sets the stage for the Lakehouse 29 Inch Tall 6 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern. The look is relaxed, comfortable, and quietly satisfying, perfect for fresh spring nights and crisp fall evenings. Lakehouse features a distressed, aged finish with clear seedy shades that let the light peep through. The Lakehouse 14 Inch Tall LED Outdoor Wall Lights offer ambient light and surround the porch with a friendly glow.

Riverwood 20 Inch Tall 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Instantly update an outdoor space with the Riverwood 20 Inch Tall 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern’s rich bronze and warm ash accents. This hanging lantern blends transitional and rustic style complemented by its sophisticated frame in a casual, effortless design.


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