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Ah, Paris, the city of lights. Parisian interior design, much like Parisian fashion, has a certain effortless chic about it. This a highly stylized aesthetic that embodies all the romance that Paris brings to mind. Coined Parisian Chic, this soft and refined style applies to many industries, including fashion, lighting and accessory design.

The French immerse themselves in beauty, from art and fashion to architecture and food. The aesthetic combines the classical elements with an elegant and refined twist. This aesthetic encompasses Parisian lighting fixtures that fill every part of the home with effortless style.

What Is Parisian Chic Style

Defined as vintage elegance meets modern classic, the focus of Parisian Chic is the integration of these two elements into cohesive and seamless style. The overall color palette features rich, earthy neutrals set off by herringbone parquet floors, gold and marble flourishes, as well as decorative wall paneling and architectural elements.

Guidelines for French Chic décor include:

  • Highlight the home’s character
  • Start with a few basic pieces
  • Let interiors evolve naturally
  • Break the rules when necessary
  • Add beauty and comfort in equal measure

Where do Parisian lighting fixtures fit into the mix? Parisian Chic style favors warm, glowing light that flatters rooms and their occupants. This includes chandeliers, pendants, and wall lighting that bring the look together.

What Is Parisian Chic Style Lighting?

With Parisian Chic-style lighting, you’ll find the use of exciting materials and textures that give spaces a casual feel. Light and dark hues are paired effortlessly, and natural materials work well alongside finishes that look antique and wrought iron. This style blends the romance and rustic to offer a timeless look.

Parisian Chic lighting can lean modern, transitional, or classic and is an excellent addition to any space in the home. The style includes elements that are of the moment blended with elements that reference age and history. This is what makes it both contemporary and timeless.

The style pairs well with traditional big puffy sofas just as easily as it does with streamlined mid-century ones. Gilded mirrors and vintage or antique pieces round out the look. Mixed with casually curated pieces, Parisian Chic-style lighting can make the entire home feel warm and welcoming.

Decorating Your Home with Parisian Style Lighting

Interior decoration and attention to detail are perhaps more important in Parisian Chic than any other style. Subtle finessing is the key to getting that elegant look fans of this style are going for. Just like a body should be dressed in clothes that fit and flatter, the character, history, and shape of a room should form the basis of its design. Although houses in the US may not have the architectural flourishes and elaborate moldings of a French home, it doesn’t mean that Parisian Chic is out of reach. Below are some examples of how Parisian-style lighting can bring the elegance of Parisian Chic to any area in the home.


Valise 31 Inch LED Picture and Display Light

This simple black and white look demonstrates how Parisian Chic balances a traditional color scheme and vintage details with modern pieces. The Valise 31 Inch LED Picture and Display Light illuminates this spectacular piece of original artwork in the most stunning way. While highlighting the artwork to make it stand out, the lighting adds a feeling of cohesion to the entryway.


Coast 22 Inch Table Lamp

The unique objects displayed on this streamlined console table show the fun, frivolous side of Parisian Chic. For Parisians, fashion is fun, and they are not shy about incorporating some of it into their interiors. The natural, airy look of the Coast 22 Inch Table Lamp with its brass finish offers a refreshing and relaxed vibe.

Dress Up the Bedroom with Parisian Chic

Taking its cues from fashion and jewelry, the upholstery and details of the bedroom are highlighted with Parisian lighting fixtures. Just like the infamous and always necessary little black dress, dark finishes are encouraged and add to the air of elegance.

Marni LED Multi Light Pendant

Like a gorgeous beaded garment making its debut on the red carpet, the Marni LED Multi Light Pendant adds interest and luxury to any design. Meticulously cut glass shades create glittering beams of light that illuminate the gorgeous design.

Parducci 26 Inch Wall Sconce

Inspired equally by the art of origami and parchment scrolls, the Parducci 26 Inch Wall Sconce brings classic forms to modern lighting in the most quintessential French way. It features a bold brass finish and rolled design that let uplight and downlight flow into the space.

Cozy Couture Is So Parisian Chic

Since the Cloud Couch revolution, oversized cozy couches in creamy neutrals are in. Pair these oversized cozy items with structured, transitional lighting to achieve maximum Parisian flair. Cool and classic, these designs create a timeless look.

Astrid 40 Inch LED Chandelier

A fresh take on mid-century modern, Astrid 40 Inch LED Chandelier brings this living room together. The classic black and white color palette is underscored by this chandelier’s brass finish and linear elegance. The integrated LED bars can be twisted to put light exactly where it is needed. Its mix of old and new elements embodies Parisian Chic.

Revolve 21 Light Chandelier

Evoking the elegance of antique candle holders, Revolve 21 Light Chandelier features clear glass tubes accented with metal rings gathered around the chandelier’s body. Installed over the coffee table at just the right height, its circular form mirrors the shape of the table, creating a subtle symmetry in the room.

Everyday Glam *MUAH*

Bring the famous French kiss into your bathroom and make your daily makeup and hair routine that much more glam. The perfect mix of gold lighting and hardware with marble accents is so Parisian Chic at its core – private spaces need to be as beautiful as public ones. Maybe even more so. Extra points are given for antique-style vanities and décor.

Kimpton 17 Inch Wall Sconce

Although Parisian Chick skews towards the feminine, Kimpton 17 Inch Wall Sconce brings it back from the edge. This version leans toward the masculine with its brass and walnut finish and linen shade, putting a twist on traditional upscale sconces. The design takes a classic style and gives it a new spin. The antique-style mirrors and rich wood vanity put the finishing touch on the look.

Revolve II 28 Inch Wall Sconce

Classic elements paired with elegant details scream Parisian Chic – if this style could scream. Its subtle style merely gleams and knows it takes center stage. The dramatic, oversized clear-glass shades of the Revolve II 28 Inch Wall Sconce results in truly noteworthy and impressive lighting that doesn’t have to announce itself. It just is.


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