Best Landscape Lighting for Fall

There are a ton of great reasons for adding landscape lighting to your outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting turns these outdoor spaces into an extension of your home, perfect for evening parties and barbecues. And as the Fall days shorten and the nights lengthen, well-placed landscape lighting gives you more time to enjoy the crisp Fall weather while entertaining family and friends.

Below we’ve put together a list of the best landscape lighting ideas for Fall.

Best Path Lighting Tips and Ideas for Fall

Outdoor path lights give your landscaping a welcoming vibe. And with the days getting shorter, they are even more essential for safety. Path lights should be soft to moderately bright, you don’t want to blind the neighborhood or cause your house to be mistaken for a runway. It should attractively light your walkways so you and your guests can see as you navigate them.

Revel 8 Inch Decorative Pathway Light by Tech Lighting

They can be low to the ground, like these uniquely modern Revel 8 Inch Decorative Pathway Lights by Tech Lighting. The sleek metal surface is laser cut with horizontal slats, letting plenty of light glow through an inner white diffuser.

Sutcliffe 18 Inch Tall 3 Light LED Outdoor Pier Lamp by Hinkley Lighting

There’s nothing like sitting around a cozy fire, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying cool Fall evenings. There’s something about sitting around the fire that seems special and intimate. However, a firepit may not shed enough light for your space, so adding Sutcliffe 18 Inch Tall 3 Light LED Outdoor Pier Lamp by Hinkley Lighting gives you style and lights your way to and from the fire as you walk from the house with more marshmallows and other refreshments. Its early American vibe is perfect for all occasions.

Accent Lighting Tips for the Fall

To spruce up your outdoor spaces for the Fall, consider adding accent lighting to highlight specific features. Instead of using only one type of lighting, you can get the best accent lighting for your landscape by using different types of lights, such as path lights, deck lights, stairway lights, and more. Your lights should match, but they can be different shapes and styles to make them look beautiful and interesting during the day as well as the evening.

Kichler Lighting Landscape Lights

Keep in mind that accent lights are just that: lights to accent features such as specimen trees, pathways, garden statues, and water features. In general, warm light works best for highlighting man-made objects, and cool light works best for plants. Above you can see how the Kichler Lighting Landscape Lights accent architectural features and specimen plants, creating a warm and inviting vibe for the home.

Tournai 37 Inch Tall 4 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Kichler Lighting

This space has a warm, glowy feel with a combination of accent lighting and plenty of soft, moody lighting shed by the Tournai 37 Inch Tall 4 Light Outdoor Post Lamp by Kichler Lighting. Each piece is handmade from cast aluminum, and the Londonderry finish and seedy glass panels give it a unique aged look. The landscaping stands out, making it a perfect entertaining space where you can set up tables, chairs, or even comfy couches for intimate conversations.

Deck Lighting for Fall Ambiance

During the Fall your outdoor spaces, especially your deck, come into their own. You can accentuate the beauty of your deck’s features with outdoor deck lighting and create the perfect Fall ambiance. Make sure you have enough lighting for safety and to keep the ambiance warm and welcoming. You want your guests to see where they are going without feeling like they are walking through a searchlight.

Hinkley Lighting Nuvi 1 Watt LED Deck Lights

For a more intimate space, the distinctive Porter 25 Inch Tall 1 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Hinkley Lighting beckons at the top of the stair lit by carefully placed Hinkley Lighting Nuvi 1 Watt LED Deck Lights. The space is cozy, warm, intimate, and well-lit, of course.

Specialty Light Ideas

To make a great impression, dress up your home for Fall with decorative lighting. A specialty light can add a little extra style and show your personality while lighting the way for your guests.

Trellis 30 Inch Decorative Pathway Light by Hinkley Lighting

For example, bring in some old-world charm with Trellis 30 Inch Decorative Pathway Light by Hinkley Lighting. The scroll arm detail, cast loop finial, and rivet detail create a feeling of refined elegance.

Zen Garden 26 Inch Bollard by Kichler Lighting

If you prefer something a little more streamlined and Zen, then the Zen Garden 26 Inch Bollard by Kichler Lighting is a perfect choice. It’s Far Eastern style and amber glass gives you soft lighting along your garden pathways as it creates a soothing sense of balance in the space.

Need help bringing your Fall outdoor lighting ideas to life? Come into the Capitol Lighting showroom near you and explore all our outdoor lighting options. Or schedule a consultation with a lighting expert who can help make your vision a reality.


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