Nature Lighting Design: Asymmetrical, Organic and Curved Forms

One of the primary sources that inspire today’s top lighting designers is nature. Increasingly, it is the shapes of the natural world – asymmetrical, organic and curved forms – that are gaining popularity and invigorating spaces with fluidity and creativity. Let’s take a closer look at these organic lighting trends and identify some outstanding ways in which you can incorporate unique and sculptural nature-inspired lighting into your interior spaces. 

Nature On the Rise

If you’re like many, one thing you’ve learned from sheltering in place is that your interiors could use a rethink. The health of your home environment, including the use of organic and natural materials, is more important than ever. So is a look and feel that makes you feel good. Lighting that utilizes organic shapes inspired by nature is a pathway to a renewed sense of wellbeing. Unique to this style is the fact that shapes are not regulated by patterns or exact dimensions (think of a rock formation or a dramatic landscape). More often than not, it’s the incredible technology to which today’s lighting designers have access that enables the creation of lighting pieces of such incredible natural form.  

Awesomely Irregular  

If you’re used to thinking about lighting design in terms of standard geometric shapes, it can take a little while to familiarize yourself with the wide range of natural and irregular forms seen in some fixtures. Curved lighting eschews the use of edges, creates fluidity and, as a result, removes any edge from your line of sight. Asymmetrical lighting, unlike symmetrical lighting, is balanced by a repetition of similar forms, but there is no mirroring or duplication of elements. Lastly, organic forms of lighting are those that represent objects or living things in the natural world. Of course, there are specific ways in which to utilize these elements to bring maximum beauty and effect to your interior space. 

The Trend Is Your Friend

Okay, so you want to get the natural lighting design look going in your space, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Here are a few things to think about that will help. If you want your room to look warm, cozy and inviting, then layer in some curved lighting. Curved lines draw you into their periphery in a welcoming and impactful manner. They can also do a great job of connecting different spaces. Curves work particularly well in contemporary environments. If you’re looking for a more informal look that’s still dynamic, go for an asymmetrical fixture. It’s a little more challenging to pull off, but the key is to balance it with visual textures that are complementary. Asymmetrical fixtures are well suited to modern environments. When it comes to lighting made from organic materials, choose natural elements like wood and seagrass that make you feel connected to nature. You can use them in virtually any room of your home, including the kitchen and bath environment, to make you feel calmed or soothed. Ultimately, you can effectively utilize organic form lighting in virtually any space, regardless of its existing design narrative.

Seven Styles

Now that you’re familiar with the trends of asymmetrical, organic and curved forms, you’re most certainly ready to see them in action. Here are a few modern lighting ideas to give you a sense of what’s available to you.

Corbett Lighting

Signature LED Linear Suspension Light

The Signature LED Linear Suspension Light by Corbett Lighting offers curved forms that delight the senses. Sweeping iron arms in gold leaf and white glass globes merge in harmony for an aesthetic that is at once charming and soft.

Mitzi by Hudson Valley

Whit Mini Pendant

Minimalist design and maximalist vision define the Whit Mini Pendant by Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting. A statement piece that boasts a curved metal hook suspended from a stark metal rod, this is the fixture you want when you desire to lend context to countertops, dining rooms and other surfaces below. 


Marojales Semi-Flush Mount

Less clutter, more creativity and a fluid natural shape allow the Marojales Semi-Flush Mount by EGLO to make a statement in any space. Notably, its ball shade is made from smoked glass and its arm is finished in sleek black matte.

Access Lighting

I-Biza LED Mini Pendant

Imbued with the fluidity of polished stone, the I-Biza LED Mini Pendant by Access Lighting features a marbled glass cylinder within a marble glass globe. This contemporary piece seemingly comes from the natural world directly into your home environment.  

Justice Design Group

Stix 12” LED Semi Flush Mount

The Stix LED Flush Mount by Justice Design Group is an exceptional asymmetric design in action. The juxtaposition of stems and globes of varying size are balanced by a thoughtful configuration that draws in the eyes and captures the imagination.  

Kelly Behun for Hudson Valley Lighting Palisades Table Lamp

Kelly Behun Palisade 21 Inch Table Lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting

The curves on the Palisades Table Lamp by Kelly Behun for Hudson Valley draw you in while giving wondrous dimension to your space. A trio of stacked glass shapes in white is complemented by an aged brass stem and grey linen shade. 


Lola Mini Pendant

The Lola Mini Pendant by AFX appears as if it was born out of some fluid and distant landscape. Bare minimum details allow a placid, but shapely and ribbed mono-point glass shade to take center stage, as it directs light downwards. Ideal for kitchens, home offices or entryways. 

As you can see, the organic lighting trend is not only dynamic in its range offerings, but also tailor-made for a variety of environments and uses within your home. With the knowledge you’ve gained, now it’s time to identify the many outstanding ways you can bring this trend into your own home.  


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