Creating the Right Mood Lighting for the Living Room

A nice, bright living room filled with natural light during the day can become a shadowing, ill-lit space when the sun goes down. With the right mood lighting for your living room, you can create a perfectly illuminated, relaxing space the entire family will enjoy.

Since the living room is the quintessential multipurpose room, it is essential to have more than one kind of lighting in the space. These living room mood lighting ideas show you how a combination of table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, or chandeliers make the space warm and inviting.

Creating Warmth with Ambient Lighting

Everything you put in your living room contributes to its mood, and getting the ambient lighting right is key to making the room feel warm and cozy. Ambient lighting can also be decorative and add to the room’s appeal. Whether you are looking for something to blend into your decor or want your light fixtures to pack a visual punch, there are plenty of options available.

Abrams Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

Simple, minimalist, and sophistication, the Abrams Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting make an understated statement in any space. The monolithic, textured black arms are strikingly juxtaposed with the smooth candlesticks.

3 Levels of Lighting: High, Medium, & Low

Because living rooms are generally multipurpose, they need different levels of lighting. They go from an active area in the daytime to a relaxing space at night. Ambient lighting will cast a medium level glow in the center of the room but may cast shadows in the corners. Here you will need brighter, high-level task lighting from a floor or table lamp for reading. And you’ll want low light for movie nights, watching television, or just relaxing in the space.

Renee Wall Swing Lamp by Mitzi

These fun, modern Renee Wall Swing Lamps by Mitzi add stylish task lighting to this space. They add the perfect touch to this eclectic living room as it transitions into the dining room.

Setting the Mood with Table & Floor Lamps

In addition to a central source of lighting, you can introduce more light with stylish lamps placed strategically around the room. Floor lamps and table lamps are perfect for this purpose.

With so many sizes and styles available, floor lamps are a great way to add a sense of comfort and warmth to your living room. In general, floor lamps are placed to the side of or behind seating in the space, to shed light right where it is needed. Often a corner in the living room is the best spot. The shade you choose will make a difference in how much light it gives off, so keep this in mind if the lamp is placed close to a reading spot.

Aerin Dover 63 Inch Floor Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co.

With its gild finish and linen shade, the stylish Aerin Dover 63 Inch Floor Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co. adds warmth and a touch of glam to this space.

Table lamps also play a role in creating the right mood lighting in a living room. A staple in living rooms, these little lamps can make a big impact. Choose the one that complements your style to create a soothing effect. They can be placed on top of shelves, a set of drawers, and, of course, tables.

Ralph Lauren Modern 30 Inch Table Lamp by Ralph Lauren

This Ralph Lauren Modern 30 Inch Table Lamp by Ralph Lauren can fit into any style room. With its clear base and white shade, it takes up less visual space while adding plenty of illumination.

Pendant or Chandelier Light for Central Focus

When looking for decorative and functional lighting in your living room, you can’t go wrong with a pendant or chandelier. Traditionally used in kitchens or dining rooms, these lighting fixtures are gaining popularity in other spaces, especially living rooms.

Living room chandeliers add class and elegance, and you can find them in every style imaginable. A stunning chandelier acts as a centerpiece in the space. With all the new shapes and designs available, you can find every style from quirky and eccentric to minimalist and elegant, and every style in between.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

The sleek Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hopper 32 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting brings mid-century modern vibes to this contemporary living room. It blends drama and romance in the most delicious way.

If you prefer pendant lighting for the living room, you are not alone. This lighting fixture is gaining popularity in living rooms because of its practicality, versatility, and diverse designs. They do much more than brighten your home, they also add distinctive character and charm that makes the space your own. By hanging multiple fixtures, such as sconces, you can easily brighten up the entire area.

Tryst 42 Inch Large Pendant by Fredrick Ramond

A stunning blend of vintage sophistication and contemporary chic, the Tryst 42 Inch Large Pendant by Fredrick Ramond strikes a balance in a stunning mix of shimmer and light, creating an airy feel in the space. A pair of Vida 17 Inch Wall Sconces by Fredrick Ramond levels up the drama while adding an additional layer of light.

Many of our special moments with family and friends happen in our living rooms. Creating the perfect mood with lighting enhances these moments and makes them that much more special.


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