Really Helpful Outdoor Lighting Tips

Lighting Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Excellent outdoor lighting provides a welcoming and luxurious introduction to your home. Follow these three tips to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space.

Curb Appeal

Add the perfect custom finish to the front of your home with outdoor hanging lanterns and wall lanterns.

When using two outdoor lanterns, they should measure about 1/4 the height of the front door(s). When you are using only one lanterns, 1/3 of your door height is appropriate.

Outdoor hanging lanterns should be centered over your front door(s), high enough so that the doors may open and close freely. If you have a picture window or archway above the front door, center the fixture so that it may be seen from inside your home.

Wall lanterns surrounding the front doors should be proportional to your home, when in doubt, size up! Remember, fixtures appear smaller from curbside viewing than most people would imagine.

Wall lanterns are also appropriate for rear and side entrances and by garage doors – same rule of thumb for sizing applies for these areas.

Task Lighting

Path Lighting should be placed 6′ apart to ensure adequate beam spread.

Be sure to make your space functional! Task lighting is an important piece of the design; it will provide guidance and illumination in the necessary areas to ensure safety.

Focused illumination on key holes and security pads allows for easy access when you are entering and leaving your home at night. Outdoor LED wall lights or recessed spotlights work well in these areas.

Add path lighting to walkways every 6’ to provide adequate beam spread. This will create curb appeal ambiance and visibility when walking at night. Don’t forget to add light near the house numbers – this can help in emergency situations and for deliveries!

Landscape and Uplighting

After the sun goes down be sure your home has the same curb appeal as it does during the daytime by adding outdoor and uplighting to the landscape.

Illuminating trees or other elements from below will create soft focal points in the landscaping after the sun goes down. Use a flashlight to test where you’d like the light to hit, then mount the fixtures accordingly. Be sure to mount fixtures out of grass for ease of mowing and other landscaping tasks.

Be sure to view your outdoor lighting after dark before signing off on a project; it’s easy to make necessary adjustments to refine your outdoor lighting design.

To avoid being “that neighbor”, be sure to eliminate glare and make sure your outdoor light fixtures do not create “light trespass” into your neighbor’s property.

Another thing to consider is “Dark Sky” fixtures, click here to learn more on how to eliminate light pollution when picking outdoor fixtures.

PRO TIP:Uplighting creates soft focal points, use a flashlight to test where you’d like the light to hit to get a good feel of how it will look.

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