Varaluz Lighting Fixtures to Honor Earth Day With

Eco-Friendly and Functional

Varaluz lighting fixtures are a great choice when it comes to lighting an area, while at the same time being conscious about protecting the environment. They are the perfect fixtures to honor and celebrate Earth Day. This article will take you through the process of choosing a fixture that protects the planet and creates a eco-friendly home for your family. You will discover that making a greener home is simple when you buy from the beautiful Varaluz product line.

Varaluz Brand

Varaluz has built their brand and mission around fixtures that are built by-hand using sustainable materials. Their eco-friendly fixtures are easy to incorporate into any room design. Whether you need lighting for a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or any room in your home, Varaluz accommodates a large selection of lighting in many different styles. The company has created fixtures that will not only brighten your home, but make you feel that you are doing your part in protecting the planet. Reducing your carbon footprint with home lighting from Varaluz is the perfect example for honoring Earth Day.

Imagine glass shades made of recycled bottles and recycled steel used for the actual fixture and you have imagined the Varaluz brand. They are continually developing new ways of using recycled, reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials into their fixtures. To some it may seem crazy to develop something out of recycled materials, however upcycling yields some pretty amazing designs for Varaluz. Varaluz has a highly skilled team that is responsible for handcrafting light fixtures by hand from sustainable materials.

It is no doubt that the team at Varaluz has developed light fixtures that encompass the whole eco-friendly movement. However another way to go even one step further to energy conservation is by selecting a LED light fixture that uses LED light bulbs. Varaluz’s No. 1 mission is to protect the environment with sustainable materials while also saving you money. Discover how you can decrease your carbon footprint while reducing your monthly energy bills at the same time.

Using LED lights to conserve energy

Although it’s something about which most of us don’t like to think, our natural resources are limited. Depleting our source of energy from natural resources is a difficult thought that future generations will ultimately pay the price for. The good news is that we can turn everything around by committing to a better path that will also save you money in the process.

Using LED lighting helps not only conserve energy, but cut cost on your energy bills. LED bulbs are built much different from the traditional light bulbs many are accustomed to. LED light bulbs create a glow without using compressed gas. They last far longer than any traditional light bulb you may purchase and you will forget the last time you actual bought bulbs as they will run for years on-end.

LED light fixtures are quite similar in that they use less power overall and designed to reduce power consumption to each bulb to its lowest level. You will notice that LED bulbs do not get hot, making them safer to use over a long time period. Since LED bulbs don’t get hot you do not have to worry about them overheating and you may use them in any location you’d like.

Choosing eco-friendly fixtures is important for your home as you will see your energy bills reduced. The money that was spent on energy may be reallocated for other things. Using LED bulbs also reduces your cooling bills because the lights in the house are not as hot as they once were. There is a strong correlation between the heat in the house and using old traditional light bulbs. Using eco-friendly lights will most certainly increase the overall appeal of your home.

PRO TIP: Did you know that many of your appliances still consume electricity after you turn them off? If you want to save even more money, consider unplugging your television, microwave and phone charger when you are not using them, and you will be impressed when you notice the difference. Each step that you take will play a role in the big picture, and you will know that you have done the right thing. If your friends and family members have trouble remembering to unplug these items, try placing small notes around the house.

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