Eye-Popping Golden Pendant Light Fixtures to Add to Your Home

Sunlight is reflected beautifully through the droplets of crystal on the 24-Inch Sarella by Schonbek gold pendant lights

The lighting you choose from your home has two very important roles in the theater that is your interior design. It illuminates the star players of your home decor, from that unique dining room table to that eye-catching tile scheme. The light fixtures also star as important design elements themselves, so it’s important to choose lighting that makes a dramatic statement.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to hang elaborate crystal chandeliers in all your rooms (though there are some breathtaking Schonbek chandeliers worth a look). In many cases, you can actually get more mileage from gold pendant lights. These stunning fixtures are like precious drops of jewelry – you may only need one piece to set the tone.

The Benefits of Pendant Lights

By definition, pendant lights include any fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down from a rod, cable or chain. The fixture can be as simple as a single, exposed bulb or as intricate as a multi-light linear. What you choose will depend largely on your home’s décor and lighting needs. But before you pick anything, it’s important to understand the benefits of pendant lights.

Pendants are versatile.

Unlike recessed lights or flush-mount fixtures, pendants can be used to achieve any type of lighting. When mounted in the center of a room, an oversized, multi-light pendant will adequately provide general lighting – the kind you need for everyday life.

In a formal dining room, however, pendants can actually serve as both a general lighting contributor and a source of ambient lighting. Think of a classic drum shade pendant; the shade diffuses light to help soften the glow. With a dimmer switch and fine China, you’ll always have soothing suppertimes.

That’s not all. Because pendants hang down into a space, they effectively bring light closer to the area of focus – whether that be a dining table, a reading nook or kitchen island. This is what’s considered task lighting.

Pendants save space.

Speaking of task lighting, pendants are a convenient option when you don’t have enough square footage or surface area to accommodate a table lamp. You can suspend pendants directly over a small desk, in a tight corner or on either side of your bed. This ensures the space remains clean and clear as well as well-lit.

Pendants satisfy every style.

From the front foyer to the back hallway, every single space in your house can benefit from pendant lighting. You might even consider pendants among your backyard lighting ideas. There is no shortage of shapes, sizes, shades or styles when it comes to pendant lights, which means you won’t have any problem finding a pendant fixture that complements your interior design.  

Trending Now: The Gold Pendant Light

It’s a real treat to have so many options. But when you’re looking for the most unique lighting pieces, gold is the way to go. For one, it’s a timeless finish that never gets stale. Lighting designers are constantly finding new ways to incorporate gold tones. Recently, they’ve adopted the soft-gold trend. This muted finish is a bit more on the mellow side, which makes it the perfect choice for minimalist or contemporary designs.

You may have also noticed the surge in brass. Though not a pure metal, brass is an effective interpretation of gold, providing almost as much shine and opulence. It’s particularly popular in mid-century modern and art deco lighting.

Whether it’s a shade of yellow or gleaming gold, there’s no denying that this finish brings unmatched warmth, glamour and brightness to any style home. Still not convinced? The following gold pendant light fixtures are brilliant examples of this everlasting trend.

How to Use Gold Pendant Lights With Your Style

Mid-Century Modern

While mid-century modern lighting has some elements of art deco, it’s slightly less opulent than what that time period called for. In place of pure gold finishes, you see more brassy fixtures. This shade of gold shines against mid-century modern’s muted color palette and is especially enchanting in quirky abstract décor.

The Dahlia 32-Inch Chandelier is a blooming flower over a white modern dining table and chairs

Dahlia by Hubbardton Forge

Like its name implies, the Dahlia Pendant design is inspired by flowers. Each petal extends gracefully from the round center, where a wheel of bulbs directs light up and down for a soft ambience that’s perfect for dining. Take note that the artful shape is as non-conforming as a Pollock painting, but the overall effect could easily be adopted by transitional style, too.

The Tryst is a gold starburst pendant light that complements mid-century modern pastels and geometric décor in this living room

Tryst by Frederick Ramond

The Tryst Pendant’s starburst profile is quintessential mid-century modern. The best part is the energy it imparts in a room. The hammered arms make it look like the star already hit its peak and the explosion is simply frozen in time. Add this gold pendant light to your main living space to keep your conversations lively.  


In transitional style, color palettes are calm and soothing. That’s why these homes are more accepting of softer gold tones. You’ll still get ample brightness, but the effect comes more from the gold pendant’s accents than from the gold finish itself.

Gold and crystal droplets on the 24-Inch Sarella by Schonbek reflects natural sunlight in a transitional-style living space

Sarella by Schonbek

The Sarella’s trim drum is a nod to modern geometry, but it’s the embellishments that turn this toward transitional. Classic gold and crystal droplets are beautifully layered around the circle, so much so that a 12-light candelabra is completely hidden from plain sight. In fact, the bulbs’ only purpose is to exaggerate the prismatic shimmer when night falls. Otherwise, the sun’s beams will bounce off and scatter rainbows throughout your living or dining room.  

The Eve 48-Inch Chandelier is a soft gold pendant light that feels soothing over a white soaker tub

Eve by Frederick Ramond

Between the Champagne gold and whimsical branches, this chandelier feels like a wondrous fairytale. Even through all the twists and textures, it has a quiet, whispering tone that is best suited for a transitional dining room. Of course, if you have the space, by all means hang the 48-inch fixture over a soaker tub and drift into dreamland.


Because of its respect for technology and forward-thinking ideas, you might think contemporary style would be drenched in chrome and stainless steel. But, in reality, gold is still highly regarded for its exclusivity. Besides, contemporary designers often mix metals, so don’t be afraid to mix a gold pendant light with polished silver accessories.

The contemporary Grid Pendant by Hubbardton Forge shines bright over a sleek, high-top dining table

Grid by Hubbardton Forge

The 53-Inch Grid Pendant is its own matrix of activity. The elements are so moving, you might peg this piece as contemporary lighting. But while the burnished steel finish would blend in with neutral interiors, choosing gold makes this a much more unique statement piece. You’ll want to show it off where guests can get a glance, like your entryway or dining room.

An elongated gold pendant light with crystal accents hangs in the middle of a minimal-frills contemporary dining room

Eclyptix by Schonbek

Contemporary spaces are typically minimal and monochromatic. By adding this gold pendant light, you instantly create a focal point. Because it’s made with long, straight lines and delicate crystal icicles, the Eclyptix doesn’t feel overbearing. Instead, it subtly draws your attention without stealing the show.

Set Higher Standards

Does your lighting need a designer edit? If the pieces throughout your home – inside and out – are not making a statement, it’s time to start shopping for something new. The first place to start is with hanging light fixtures, because they offer the most variety in color, shape, size and style. If the selection seems too overwhelming, simply choose a gold pendant light and you’ll always strike it rich!


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