Stand Out With These Beautiful Geometric Lighting Fixtures

These beautiful geometric lighting fixtures are a stand out in any room

When will I ever need to use the Pythagorean theorem?

It’s not an unreasonable question. A lot of textbook lessons have limited real-life applications. Geometry is not one of them, though. The sharp angles and striking shapes you studied in tenth grade actually offer endless design options, particularly when it comes to lighting your home.

The best part about geometric lighting fixtures is you don’t have to use a protractor or solve any problems with letters. You simply choose the one that fits your style, and it’ll do all the work for you.

About the Trend: Geometric Lighting Fixtures

Why is it On the Rise?

Geometric shapes are not a new design trend. Many people may see repeating hexagons or psychedelic circles and remember the 1970s. Others relate sharp angles and opaque globes to art deco lighting. You could argue these designs are cyclical. But the real reason this trend keeps finding its way back to the forefront is simple: geometry is bold.

Whether it’s an oversized circle or odd shape with a dozen intersecting arms, the simplicity of geometric lighting fixtures is eye-catching. Your brain is not used to seeing these mathematical structures in a setting that is far from formulaic. Even in a contemporary home, geometric pendant lighting has a tendency to steal the show.

It’s no wonder interior designers return to geometric lighting over and over again. The right geometric piece will:

  • Elevate the entire décor to another level of class and sophistication
  • Create a certain mood – from playful to purposeful
  • Invoke wonder and amazement
  • Add a touch of artistic imagination

What Defines a Geometric Lighting Fixture?

By definition, geometric lighting fixtures are unlike anything else in the room. “Uniqueness” can be hard to pinpoint, but there are a few features of a geometric light fixture that make it definitively true. If your light fixture has any of these elements, you can rest assured it will stand out:  

  • Repeated patterns
  • Straight lines
  • Sharp edges
  • Globes
  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Unexplainable forms

With geometric lighting, you also have an array of compatible fixture types. Pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces can all be made into geometric wonders. So you can think outside of the box with your lighting scheme – maybe even outside your home.

Where Can You Use Geometric Lighting Fixtures?

Every room in your house – inside and out – could incorporate some form of geometric lighting. But it’s not just the placement within the home that matters. The style has to work, too. That doesn’t mean your decor has to be Art Deco or 1970s-inspired, however; while they have innate modernity about them, the right materials can instantly turn a triangular cage into a rustic charmer.

9 Geometric Lighting Fixtures That Make a Statement

The Suzanne Kasley Morris Cage by Visual Comfort has glass panes that give it a heart structure.

1. Suzanne Kasler Morris Cage Pendant by Visual Comfort

Suzanne Kasler designs often strike the perfect balance between architectural and decorative – and this fixture is no different. It has the square framework of a hearty structure, but the thin lines and dainty candelabra keep the look streamlined and simple. Use the edgy pendant in an all-white foyer or where natural light is most abundant. It will add just a touch more weight than the typical open-air, metal cage lighting.  

Geometric lighting fixtures can be linear, like this Geo by Varaluz hanging over a long dining table

2. Geo Linear Suspension Light by Varaluz

The Geo Linear Suspension Light was inspired by geodesic domes, like the Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Its frame is a combination of triangles and polygons that build on one another, creating a structurally sound and beautifully crafted light fixture. In fact, the shapes might do most of the talking, especially since the antique gold and rustic bronze are quiet finishes. That said, the soft color palette and warm glow are exactly why this geometric lighting fixture deserves a seat above your dinner table.  

Repeating pentagons on the Penta LED Pendant are mesmerizing in this contemporary living room

3. Penta LED Pendant by ET2 Lighting

This non-round globe pendant will, first, capture your attention, and then hold onto it while you count the number of pentagons that make up each side. It’s like a geometry problem within a geometric form. But what’s even more spellbinding than repeating patterns is the source of light. There’s no dangling filament filling the core. Instead, the Penta Pendant is lit by LED bands that line the inside. This creates a sleek contrast to the matte black finish lighting fixture – and to the rest of your contemporary décor.

The Houdini Cage Pendant is a magical display in a neutral-tone, minimalist foyer

4. Houdini Cage Pendant by Corbett Lighting

The way these cages hang mid-air looks like pure magic. But that’s not the only enchanting quality. At first glance, this pendant appears to be three repeating boxes. But when you pay careful attention to the details, you notice the candelabra centers are different, as are the boxes themselves. One frame is sleek and simple, while another is embellished with a gold-leaf rope. This geometric pendant lighting is so mesmerizing you would’ve thought Houdini himself brought it to life.  

A closeup of the Deryn Chandelier shows the distressed gray finish complements a blue wall color

5. Deryn Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

Diamonds are a designer’s best friend, especially when they’re as versatile as the Deryn Chandelier. Sure, it has clean lines that can outfit a contemporary home. But the distressed antique gray finish might be even better suited for a coastal cottage or modern farmhouse. That said, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this ceiling light. The eight bulbs will make this piece of jewelry shine bright – even in a two-story entryway.   

Gold goes extra-bold with this geometric table lamp by Robert Abbey

6. Delta Table Lamp by Robert Abbey

The Delta Table Lamp has been touched by Midas, so that it can add a touch of eminence to your home. On top of the polished gold finish, the base is cut with shapely angles that allow light to bounce off and into your living space. And the sheen doesn’t stop there. Even the lampshade has a slick white surface that radiates all around. Don’t let this geometric lighting fixture fade into clutter. Proudly display it on your nightstand or and end table, allowing it to be the most prominent accessory.

The Feiss Finnegan is a prime example of modern industrial lighting with a geometric a profile

7. Feiss Finnegan Pendant by Generation Lighting

Geometry is a common theme in modern industrial lighting, but the Feiss Finnegan Pendant is an exceptional example. The interlocking rectangles have perfectly straight lines and crisp, needlepoint corners, which speak to the craftsmanship of this piece. Anyone who appreciates quality metalwork will admire the multi-planar light fixture. The contrasting metals and Edison-inspired light bulbs only add to that old-world charm.

Geometric lighting fixtures belong outside, too, like this Halo Wall Light flanking a red front door
Halo Small Outdoor Sconce

8. Halo Outdoor Wall Light by Hubbardton Forge

Are you trying to set the tone with geometric lighting before your guests even cross the threshold of doorstep? Use this outdoor wall light to create a halo effect from your front door, all the way through your foyer. The Halo Wall Light by Hubbardton Forge is aptly named for its intersecting orbitals that engulf a sleek, modern dome. The lines are delicate – just enough to outline the warm glow that shines from a clear glass shade. Not only will guests feel greeted by the light, but they’ll get the hint that more of this beautiful radiance is waiting for them inside.

The Cubic Pendant proves that geometric lighting fixtures don’t have to be big to be powerful

9. Cubic Pendant by Varaluz

Light fixtures don’t have to be big to stand out. The Cubic Pendant is a compact design that features seemingly endless shine and fascination. You’ll lose yourself in the faceted crystal panels, hypnotized by their power. Indeed, it’s the repeating patterns that are the cornerstone of this piece. Either let them draw all the attention in a small reading nook, or use the geometric element to complement a patterned area rug and abstract artwork.  

Solve the Puzzle

Congratulations! You have officially completed your adult geometry lesson. As you can see, there’s more than one way to solve for the age-old problem of how to liven up your living space. But, if you want to make the biggest impact with just one piece, geometric lighting fixtures are the quickest plug-and-play formula. From industrial modern lighting to contemporary cool, there are countless geometric lighting fixtures to fit your design angle. Are you ready to put one of them to the test?


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