7 Best Wall Lighting Ideas for Your Bedside

Perfect lighting is key for making every space look and feels its best, but when it comes to the bedroom, getting the lighting right is even more important. When looking for a way to free up space on a bedside table but still have plenty of light for reading, look no further than this gorgeous wall lighting.

Wall sconces may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about bedside lights, but this wall lighting combines sleek style with glowing illumination. Whether you call them wall lights or sconces, they make the bedroom both attractive and functional.

Getting the height right can be tricky, so here’re some guidelines for finding the best hanging height for bedside wall lighting.

  • Make a list of the activities that will happen in the space, such as reading or using the computer sitting up. Measure the height from the floor to just about shoulder height. In general, the most ideal placement for any task lighting, is between the work surface to be lit and a person’s head.
  • Hold up at the height suggested above and see if that works, adjust the placement as needed.
  • Reduce glare by selecting wall lighting with fabric shades or opaque or transparent glass shades.

7 Examples of Beautiful Bedroom Wall Lights

These seven examples of beautiful bedroom wall lights put a modern twist on bedside lighting. These wall lights offer the perfect reading glow without taking up extra space on the bedside table.

ED Ellen DeGeneres Jane 13 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting

This relaxed, neutral room gets a quick infusion of drama with the ED Ellen DeGeneres Jane 13 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting, a tailored reimagining of retro design. The sleek, curved steel shade offers directional lighting wherever it is needed.

Smooth geometric lines form an elongated swing arm that makes the light flexible and functional. The circular wall plate and curved shade create the perfect contrast to the angular lines of the headboard and bedside table. The burnished brass body gives the space a refined touch.

Crystorama Mitchell 30 Inch Wall Sconce

The headboard of this traditional bedroom makes a statement that is matched by the stylish, modern, and minimal Crystorama Mitchell 30 Inch Wall Sconces. Functional and fashionable, these lights make a stylish addition to any interior. The sconces feature tapered metal shades and round beveled backplates and are powered by a dimmable switch so that the lighting can be adjusted to any task. The jointed arms direct the light to wherever it is needed and add to the sleek and contemporary look.

ED Ellen DeGeneres Simon 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting

Slim beauty and contemporary versatility are a harmonious blend in the ED Ellen DeGeneres Simon 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting. It adds classic elegance to simple functionality. The slender design and slim handle make it easy to position the light for reading or working on a laptop in bed. The steel construction makes it durable, and the midnight black and burnished brass lend a vintage vibe to this modern light.

Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting

There’s a lot to like about this fun and eclectic bedroom, especially the look-at-me style of the Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting. These sconces feature clear, seedy glass spheres that flow out of the heritage brass frame, creating a simple yet stunning silhouette. With a space like this, who would want to get out of bed?

Claremont Wall Swing Lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting

The upholstered headboard this bedroom welcomes and encourages sitting up comfortably and reading in bed with the light of an English barrel shade wall lights. The refined styling of the Claremont Wall Swing Lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting gives these supremely functional lights a traditional feel.

Though simple and unembellished, the rind details at the arm hinges make the lamps functional and practical. The aged brass finish and linen shade highlight the dramatic black bedside tables.

Metal No.2 22 Inch Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting

Drama and comfort are highlighted in the contrast between this dark statement wall and soft, romantic bedding. The classical, conical shape of the Metal No.2 22 Inch Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting is set off by statement hardware. The edgy look of this stunning bedside wall lighting elevates the room’s design. A modern update to the classic reading light, it finds a way to shine.

Kempsey Wall Swing Lamp by Progress Lighting

It’s easy to imagine kicking back and relaxing with a good book under the glow of the Kempsey Wall Swing Lamp by Progress Lighting. The smooth, arced arm reaches out from a rectangular backplate and the linen shade softens the space. The wall light leaves room on the bedside table for a clock and other items to accessorize the bedroom.


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