How to Create Better Home Office Lighting

When setting up home offices, most people know the right desk and the right desk chair are important, but what about the right home office lighting? Just as essential as an ergonomically correct chair with plenty of back support is the right lighting that keeps eyes healthy. Bright fluorescent lights can trigger migraines, while dim lighting often causes eye strain that leads to headaches. Here are some office lighting ideas that will provide optimal light for every type of home office.

Tips for Home Office Lighting

  • A layered lighting design ensures enough brightness for the space.
  • Use task lamps for focused illumination.
  • Place task lights correctly to avoid shadows and glare.
  • Natural light is generally easier on the eyes and improves the ambiance but can sometimes be too bright.

How to Approach Home Office Lighting

When considering all the activities that happen in a home office—working on the computer, reading, phone calls, and Zoom meetings—it’s clear that these activities can’t be lit by one type of light. Home office lighting requires layered lighting in order to make it a productive and creative space.

Begin by adding warm and soothing ambient lighting with a dimmer switch. This way, the light level can be adjusted depending on the work being done and the time of day. Then add task lights where focused illumination is needed.

Sauterne 15 Inch Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting

Create even ambient light by adding lighting that bounces off the ceiling and walls, such as the Sauterne 15 Inch Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting. This pendant features a classic Deco-styled sparse shade motif updated for contemporary decor.

The Role of Task Lighting?

Task lights offer focused light for specific activities, especially ones that need more illumination. When a range of activities takes place in a home office, a light dedicated to each task is best. Adjustable arms on home office desk lamps give them the flexibility to be used in a range of office designs.

Type 75 26 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise and Paul Smith Type 75 26 Inch Reading Lamp by Anglepoise

Nothing beats a classic deck lamp, such as the Type 75 26 Inch Desk Lamp by Anglepoise. This tried-and-true style sheds light exactly where it is needed. The flexible arm allows the lighting to be adjusted to suit whatever task it is needed for. But desk lamps are not the only type of task lighting that can be used, home office floor lamps are another way to add focused light to a workspace. The Paul Smith Type 75 26 Inch Reading Lamp by Anglepoise serves as multipurpose task lighting that can be placed anywhere intense light is needed.

The Importance of Light Source Placement

Where the lights are placed makes a big difference in how much shadows and glare affect the visibility in this space. If overhead lighting illuminates from behind the desk, it can cause glare on the computer screen. In addition, if the lighting is in the wrong place, it can cause shadows. For instance, if the lighting is on the same side as someone’s writing hand, it will cause shadows.

Dakota Wall Swing Lamp by Savoy House

Practical and adjustable, Dakota Wall Swing Lamp by Savoy House is great for task lighting in a workspace. It can be adjusted to accommodate any number of lighting needs. When placed to avoid casting shadows or causing glare, its streamlined look goes well in any room but is especially practical for home office lighting.

Overhead Lighting to Fill in the Gaps

While overhead lighting shouldn’t be the only office lighting source, it can fill in areas that other lighting sources might miss. This is a great opportunity to replace a boring overhead light for something with a little more style.

Tech Lighting Sean Lavin Paravo 15 Inch Large Pendant

Fun and functional, the Tech Lighting Sean Lavin Paravo 15 Inch Large Pendant features a precisely molded, ultra-smooth fiberglass shade encased in a die-cast aluminum exostructure that supports the lower diffusor of frosted glass. The frosted glass helps reduce glare while still providing plenty of light.

Assess the Natural Lighting

If the space has windows that bring plenty of natural light, position the desk to take advantage of all that lovely natural light, especially if there is a great view. Natural light is much easier on the eyes and improves the ambiance of the space.

Ralph Lauren Brompton 20 Inch Desk Lamp by Ralph Lauren

In some rooms, the natural light can get so bright that it creates an overwhelming glare. Install translucent blinds and add a desk lamp such as Ralph Lauren Brompton 20 Inch Desk Lamp by Ralph Lauren for focused light. Its industrial style stands out in any space as it emits a soft, even glow that fills the space with light.

Lighting That Alleviates the Effects of Working at a Computer

Minimizing contrast and glare is important for reducing eye strain. Too much harsh natural or artificial light creates the monitor glare that eyes don’t particularly like. In addition, paperwork requires more light, which means that working on a computer doesn’t need as much task or ambient lighting.

Zena 18 Inch Table Lamp by Mitzi

This light, bright space needs minimal additional lighting, but the Zena 18 Inch Table Lamp by Mitzi puts the finishing touch on the design. A mix of classic and contemporary styles, designed with thoughtful simplicity, this lamp beautifully blends form and function.


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