Our 10 Favorite Pieces of Unique Lighting Right Now

Everyone has lights in their home. But just because everyone has lighting fixtures, doesn’t mean they have to be the same ones — in fact, that would be quite boring! The fixtures in your home should celebrate and reflect your distinctive tastes in décor, just like the furniture you buy reflects your taste in design, and the clothes you wear reflect your taste in fashion. Unique lighting is yet another way to let your personality shine!

Not quite sure how to find a unique piece that’s right for you and your home’s design? Consider these home trends for a little inspiration to start:


From distressed shiplap walls and sliding barn doors to stone fireplaces and wrought iron sconces, rustic design pops up in many different places. And although it’s quite popular, there are many unique ways to utilize it throughout your home. Rustic lighting is all about capturing the warmth and beauty of simple, rugged elements and textures, such as matte metals, reclaimed wood and natural stone.

Art Deco

Want to party like it’s 1929? Check out the re-emerging art deco trend, characterized by the use of geometric shapes, ornate materials and splashes of bold color. Art deco lighting might take the form of a glass-adorned chandelier or a pair of unique lamps made of bold brass. There are certainly plenty of unique art deco fixtures to be found.

Mid-Century Modern

If you prefer the minimalistic design and clean lines of the 1940s, you may be on the hunt for unique modern lighting pieces. This style often features balanced, symmetrical designs, straight lines, circles and neutral tones. Popular materials and textures include polished metals and glossy glass.

Unexpected Luxury

One of our favorite design trends isn’t exactly a specific style, but rather a bold movement toward utilizing luxurious materials and fixtures in oft-forgot spaces, such as foyers, bathrooms and closets. Luxury lighting is about overt opulence and excessive elegance — think layers of crystals, beaded glass or lots and lots of polished gold on a chandelier hanging in your entryway. Talk about unique home decor!

Unique Lighting: Our 10 Favorite Pieces Right Now

These one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures will create the distinctive look you’re going for!

Frederick Ramond Eve 33-Inch 9-Light Chandelier

Eve Chandelier by Fredrick Ramond

Why it’s unique: Sophisticated style meets natural shapes and concepts in this unique chandelier. The traditional candle lights contrast against gold tubing hand-forged into a vine shape, with clear crystal buds popping up to reflect the light in all directions.

Where to use it: The obvious choice for this distinctive piece is in the dining room — but for a bit of unexpected luxury, consider using in a sunny bathroom or in your home’s entryway.

Why we love it: The Eve is one part graceful, one part wild. Even if your room is decorated simply or traditionally, this standout piece will bring it all together.

Hubbardton Forge Grid 53-Inch Large Pendant

Grid Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

Why it’s unique: What’s not unique about this lighting fixture? There’s the sculpture-like grid of metal (available in a variety of finishes to suit your style), six bulbs projecting light in various directions and the fact that it’s a whopping 53” in length!

Where to use it: No matter where you hang it, this fixture is sure to stand out. Consider choosing a lighter finish to contrast a darker dining room table.

Why we love it: The daring design of the Forge Grid makes it an easy and quick way to make a dramatic difference in any room.

Unity 41 Inch 3 Light Linear Suspension Light by Vermont Modern Unity 41 Inch 3 Light Linear Suspension Light by Vermont ModernUnity 41 Inch 3 Light Linear Suspension Light

Unity by Vermont Modern

Why it’s unique: The combination of concentric rings of steel and opal glass orbs is reminiscent of “statement” jewelry. So, it’s no surprise that the Unity is considered a statement lighting staple. This piece is available in a variety of color and metal finishes to match (or contrast!) your decor.

Where to use it: Something this beautiful deserves attention. Hang it above a modern dining room table or kitchen island to make a statement about your unique style.

Why we love it: The Unity oozes modern style and sophistication, and is sure to be a conversation starter. We especially love the strength of the hanging steel rings juxtaposed with the softness of the glass orbs.

Mitzi Arden Table Lamp

Arden Table Lamp by Mitzi

Why it’s unique: The Arden features a space-age combination of steel and glass that’ll stop you in your tracks. The etched glass orb is tucked into a moon-shaped cradle of smooth glass and steel, giving the appearance that the light is floating.

Where to use it: Place on a square or rectangular bedside table or sofa table; the circular and semicircular shapes are the perfect contrast for straight lines.

Why we love it: When it comes to unique lamps, we think the Arden takes the cake! And not only does it look great on a bedside table, it provides plenty of light for reading and snuggling.  

Close up of the Flow 36 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz
 Flow 36 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

Flow Pendant by Varaluz

Why it’s unique: The Flow, unsurprisingly, has a beautiful flow from top to bottom. Shaped like a ribbon, you can almost imagine it twirling ‘round and ‘round, reflecting light throughout the room. The hand-forged, recycled steel has a hammered ore finish — there’s truly nothing else like it.

Where to use it: Hang above a dining room table — or keep the uniqueness to yourself by using it in a large walk-in closet.

Why we love it: We love the beauty and movement of this piece, but most of all, we love the brand. Varaluz eco-friendly lighting fixtures are all made from recycled and reclaimed materials; the company’s goal is to keep waste out of the world’s oceans. What’s not to love about that?

Orbital 24 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz
Orbital 24 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

Orbital Pendant by Varaluz

Why it’s unique: Inspired by science fiction and mid-century modern design, the Orbital features a star-shaped burst of beautiful crystals that provide tons of shimmer and sparkle. We guarantee you won’t find another lighting fixture that’ll fixate your guests quite like this one.

Where to use it: The ornamental design of the Orbit makes it a perfect pick for above a dining room table or used in multiples above a kitchen island.

Why we love it: Another eco-friendly shining star from Varaluz, we love the simplistic glitz of this large pendant!

Hudson Valley Lighting Bari 24-Inch 12-Light Chandelier

Hudson Valley Lighting Bari

Why it’s unique: The Bari’s glamorous mix of materials — linear metalwork, polished glass rods, and cylindrical tungsten bulbs — will definitely catch your eye. The Italian-inspired design is sleek and sophisticated, without being pretentious.

Where to use it: Because of this fixture’s length and sheer presence, consider hanging in a room with tall ceilings, such as a bedroom, family room or great room.

Why we love it: It’s chic, it’s sleek and it’ll pair well with your home’s modern design. What more could you want from a unique lighting fixture?

Tech Lighting Syrma 35-Inch LED Large Pendant

Syrma Pendant by Tech Lighting

Why it’s unique: Reminiscent of rattan, the metal rods of the Symra pendant are painstakingly positioned at perfectly spaced intervals to form a multidimensional, double-drum-shaped shade. This fixture is inspired by mid-century modern design, and it’s made to transform your space.

Where to use it: Give the Syrma space to breathe by hanging in a room with tall ceilings. It works well in dining rooms, living rooms, or even entryways.

Why we love it: There’s something incredibly soothing about the Syrma’s symmetry — we also love that it’s available in matte black or gold, each of which offers a completely different look.

Hendrix 47 Inch 4 Light Linear Suspension Light by Synchronicity Lighting

Hendrix Suspension Light by Synchronicity

Why it’s unique: Is it a lighting fixture, or is it art? The Hendrix is both, of course. Its dramatic shapes mimic the outline of a common guitar pick, giving it a unique look with a musical flair you won’t find anywhere else.

Where to use it: Pair with bold furniture in the living room, or hang above an industrial-inspired dining room table for added drama.

Why we love it: The Hendrix offers intricate details you might miss at first glance, including black accents and Swarovski crystals suspended on wire. The smoldering glow of its lights is a mood-setter for any room!

Nob 26 Inch 12 Light LED Multi Light Pendant by ET2 Lighting

Nob Multi-Light Pendant by ET2 Lighting

Why it’s unique: The Nob would be beautiful enough as a sculpture, but as a functional light, it’s truly a statement piece. The design may remind you of breezy wind chimes, but the materials — including gold-plated pendants with acrylic bases — are made to last.

Where to use it: Hang above a dining room table, kitchen island or in a modernly decorated den to make a bold statement.  

Why we love it: We’re head over heels for the mixture of simple geometric shapes, paired with the elegance of gold and black.

Haven’t decided on the perfect unique lighting fixture to match your home’s personality and design? Shop more surprising styles and unexpected designs at Capitol Lighting!

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