How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Outdoor Area

As the summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, our minds turn to outdoor spaces. And that means outdoor ceiling fans. A ceiling fan is the perfect option for cooling down outdoor spaces such as decks, porches, and patios. Even as they provide cooling air movement to keep you refreshed during hot summer days and nights, they can also add a dash of style to your outdoor space.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect outdoor fan for your space.

What Is the Best Style for Your Space?

Although outdoor ceiling fans share many of the same characteristics as indoor fans, there is one major difference. The best outdoor ceiling fans are made to withstand damp and wet areas. They are made with finishes that stand up to rain and humidity so that they are less susceptible to rust and corrosion. In addition, their motor casings have waterproof seals, to protect them from moisture.

Then, consider the style of a ceiling fan that is appropriate for your space. Damp-rated ceiling fans are suitable for covered decks and patios as well as screened-in porches. Wet-rated ceiling fans are made to be used on exposed decks, lanais, gazebos, verandas, and pergolas, so they can withstand rainy weather and can even be cleaned with a garden hose.

What Size Outdoor Ceiling Fan Should You Buy?

The size and height of your outdoor space are the two most important measurements to consider when choosing a fan. You can also choose a ceiling fan with a light to increase the illumination in the space. The size of your ceiling fan is governed by the square footage of your space. Here are the best outdoor ceiling fans based on square footage.

  • Fans 29-36 inches in diameter fit in spaces measuring up to 75 square feet
  • Fans 36-42 inches in diameter fit in spaces measuring up to 76-144 square feet
  • Fans 44 inches in diameter fit in spaces up to 144-225 square feet
  • Fans 50-54 inches in diameter fit in spaces up to 225-400 square feet

In addition, you must also take clearance into consideration. The fan should be placed a minimum of 12 inches from the ceiling. The blade tips must be a minimum of 24 inches from the nearest wall, and the fan a minimum of 84 inches above the floor.

Different Outdoor Ceiling Fan Styles

Once you have all your measurements, it’s time to go shopping. Blend the style of your outdoor ceiling fan with the style of your outdoor area. Once loud and clunky, ceiling fans were tolerated only because the need for air movement and cooling was so great. These days, modern ceiling fans are quiet and efficient and come in just about any style you can think of.

Modern Contempo

Modern contempo-style outdoor ceiling fans can be used as an artistic statement in your outdoor space. They feature straight lines and sleek metallic finishes.

Odyn Outdoor Rated 84 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

When you install the Odyn Outdoor Rated 85-inch Ceiling Fan with Light by Fanimation, it instantly takes center stage. The sleek lines and quiet, environmentally friendly motor are sure to dazzle your family and friends with amazement. It gives you perfect air movement, keeping the space cool and pleasant. At night, space is illuminated with a gentle glow.

Trimaran Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan

Perfect for a gazebo or pergola, the Trimaran Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan features three angular blades and a simple circular body that makes a statement without being flashy or ostentatious. It’s cool contemporary good looks, and the quiet-running motor will make summer evenings pleasant and relaxing.


When you think of traditional style, uniformity and symmetry coupled with rich wood and metal tones are the first things that come to mind. The best outdoor ceiling fans with lights bring comfort and harmony to your porch or patio.

Crestford Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

When you see the beautiful, classic Crestford Outdoor Rated 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation, you’ll instantly understand the meaning of the new traditional style. The uniquely shaped light fixture highlights the rubbed bronze fan and the cherry/walnut composite blades. The fan is rated for wet locations, so it can be used on porches, lanais, gazebos, and pergolas.


Transitional style is a blend of contemporary and traditional style, and transitional fans reflect this aesthetic. The lines are smooth but less geometric than contemporary fans. This type of ceiling fan can be used in a space that is either traditional or contemporary.

Vantage Outdoor Rated 66 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hinkley Lighting

Make a sleek and stunning statement in your home with the Vantage Outdoor Rated 66 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hinkley Lighting. This transitional ceiling fan features sleek blades, and integrated LED lighting provides subtle ambient light. The matte black fan keeps your space breezy and cool all summer long.


A tropical style outdoor ceiling fan can give your space a serious Hemingway vibe, in a completely fun way. The look exudes an unfussy and relaxing aesthetic, perfect for outdoor entertaining or after dinner lounging.

Delray Outdoor Rated 56 Inch Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fan

Bring a tropical, coastal feel into your outdoor space with the Delray Outdoor Rated 56 Inch Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fan. It is the perfect way to bring an island touch to your outdoor décor. You can turn your porch into the perfect easy, breezy vacation spot with tropical flair.

Restoration Vintage

A fresh take on a classic style, a restoration-vintage style outdoor ceiling fan strikes the perfect balance between fussy and fresh. This style gives new life to what was considered old, and rather than trying to disguise the signs of age, celebrates them.

Caneel Bay 56 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

The Caneel Bay 56 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company brings a charming and eclectic touch to your porch or patio. It looks right at home with reclaimed wood, aged finishes, and natural materials highlighted by crisp white walls and ceilings.

Mid-Century Modern

Simple, clean, and understated are the hallmarks of mid-century modern style. The modern take on this style blends traditional with non-traditional materials to create warm, inviting, yet highly functional spaces.

Triaire Outdoor Rated Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

The Triaire Outdoor Rated Ceiling Fan by Fanimation is ideal for your covered porch or patio. Super clean design and superior performance come conveniently packaged in a simple fan with a minimal yet striking presence. The quiet motor keeps the fan from interrupting your mood when chillaxing in your outdoor space.


In a contemporary outdoor space, a rustic fan brings in a touch of nature that complements your décor. It adds a natural element to a space often dominated by glass, metal, and other hard surfaces.

Irene 52 Inch Flush Mount Fan by Matthews Fan Company

Rustic yet strikingly modern, Irene 52 Inch Flush Mount Fan by Matthews Fan Company makes a dramatic statement with walnut-stained wooden blades and cylindrical motor housing. The fan’s minimalist profile makes a strikingly modern and dramatic statement.

If you are looking for the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights for your porch, patio, or pergola, stop into a Capitol Lighting showroom near you to see our entire collection of outdoor ceiling fans. Or schedule a virtual appointment with a certified lighting specialist.


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