How to Find the Right Ceiling Fan for Each Room

In addition to air movement and cooling your space, a ceiling fan adds a decorative touch that brings the room together. Gone are the days of clunky ceiling fans that you put up with but detract from your décor. These days, you can find a variety of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans with quiet motors and features that give you maximum cooling and airflow. With so many ceiling fan styles and sizes to choose from, you may be asking yourself, “What size ceiling fan do I need in my room?”

Whether you’re upgrading or adding a fan to a single room or sprucing up every room in your home, this guide to choosing ceiling fans can help you choose the right ceiling fan for your space.

Ceiling Fans & Airflow

When you begin shopping for a ceiling fan, you may be surprised to learn how an energy-efficient fan can help reduce your energy costs. They can help keep your rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

This means your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to cool your home. And when the weather cools down, you can run your fan clockwise on low to create pleasant air movement without cooling the room, so your rooms won’t feel stuffy and still. Modern ceiling fans powerful air velocity and uniform airflow throughout the space, making them more efficient.

How to Choose Ceiling Fan Size for Your Home

Make sure you choose the right size ceiling fan for each room will give you maximum efficiency and cooling. If your fan is too small for the room, it won’t circulate enough air to cool the room. And, if you choose a fan that is too big for the space, it may overpower the space, even on a low setting. It can also make the design of your room look unbalanced. Below are some things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan.

Fan Diameter and Room Size

The amount of air a fan can circulate is determined by its diameter. So, the size of your room will determine how big your fan should be. This is not just for aesthetics, there’s nothing worse than installing a fan in your new kitchen only to find out the cabinets impede the movement of the blades. Measure your space and take the measurements with you or keep them handy if you are shopping online.

Ceiling Fan Diameter for Small Rooms

If your space is 100 square feet or less, choose a ceiling fan that ranges from 30-48 inches. These smaller fans are great for laundry rooms, guest rooms, and small offices.

Ceiling Fan Diameter for Large Rooms

If your space is between 100 square feet and 400 square feet, choose a medium-sized ceiling fan that ranges from 48-54 inches. This size fan is generally good for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Ceiling Fan Diameter for Great Rooms

If your space is larger than 400 square feet, choose a ceiling fan at least 56 inches or larger. You’ll need the extra diameter to keep the space pleasantly cool.

How to Determine Ceiling Fan Hanging Height

The height of your ceiling will determine how high you hang it. You don’t want to hit your head on a ceiling fan that is too low. As a general rule, you’ll want it to be hung at least seven feet about the floor, to ensure you get good air circulation. If your ceiling is less than seven feet, a low-profile ceiling fan without a downrod is your best bet.

Bennett Low Profile with Light 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hunter Fan

Perfectly centered in this traditional-style room, the Bennett Low Profile with Light 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hunter Fan adds classic flair to the space. The smoked clear glass globe brings a touch of glamour into the space.

Downrods are essential to getting good air circulation in your room. If your room is higher than nine feet, you’ll probably need a downrod.

  • A 9-foot ceiling requires a 6-inch downrod
  • A 10-foot ceiling requires a 12-inch downrod
  • An 11-foot ceiling requires an 18-inch downrod
  • A 12-foot ceiling requires a 24-inch downrod
  • A 13-foot ceiling needs a 36-inch downrod

Find the Ceiling Fan That Matches Your Style

Now for the fun part. Once you’ve determined the size of the fan and the height to hang it, you can go shopping. Selecting a ceiling fan that matches the style of your space puts the finishing touch on your space.

Akova 56 Inch Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fan

If your style is modern and minimalist, the Akova 56 Inch Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo Fan Is a great choice. The subtle curves in the three overlapping blades make this stunning fan a work of art in its own right. It takes modern form and function to a whole new level.

Avvo Max 64 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Monte Carlo Fan

The Avvo Max 64 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Monte Carlo Fan takes center stage in this modern bedroom with a high ceiling and natural light streaming in. The unique curved blades wrap around the motor housing like flower petals right before bloom. The plated Quicksilver blades add just the right touch of elegance to a modern bedroom.

Valby 54 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

When you have a large space with plenty of light, you need a substantial ceiling fan that can stand up to it. The clean and refined look of the Valby 54 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company captures the purity of mid-century design. The natural warm natural wood finish on the softly tapered blades give this great room a convincing mid-century vibe.

When to Choose a Ceiling Fan with Lights

If the room has tons of natural light, or enough light from other sources, a ceiling fan without a light is a good choice. However, if your room needs more light, installing a ceiling fan with lights is a practical, functional, and beautiful solution.

Orchid 30 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

One look at the Orchid 30 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company, and you can see where it got its name. The beautiful, asymmetrically shaped blades mimic the petals of a blooming orchid. The downrod brings the fan down from the ceiling like a fluid stem, creating a stunning light source for the room.

Spitfire Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Perfect for a dining room that may not get enough natural light, Spitfire Ceiling Fan by Fanimation with optional lighting kit illuminates this space in the most beautiful way. It fits well in a smaller dining room or breakfast nook.

If you are looking for the perfect fan for your home, visit the Capitol Lighting showroom near you to see our entire collection of ceiling fans. Or schedule a virtual consultation where you can ask about fan sizes and styles to find the best one for you.


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