The Right Height for Your Bathroom Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are one of the biggest trends, and adding one to your bathroom décor is a great way to show your style. They add an extra layer of lighting that makes your bathroom shine. Bathroom sconces are also a great alternative to vanity lighting that gives you stylish task lighting right where you need it.

There are so many wall sconces in so many shapes and styles that you’re sure to find one to enhance the décor of your bathroom. As you begin your journey to finding the perfect bathroom wall sconce, consider these commonly asked questions.

What style wall sconce is best for my bathroom? Choose a wall sconce that matches your style, suits your personal taste, and adds light to your space.

Will a sconce look good in my bathroom? The answer to this is most definitely yes. There are so many styles out there that you’re sure to find one that works for you. Whether you go for sleek and modern, classic, or transitional, you’ll find the perfect sconce for your space.

Will a wall sconce work over my vanity? Again, yes. Depending on the size of your bathroom and vanity, you’ll find single bulb or multiple bulb sconces that will give you the extra light you need.

Bathroom Wall Sconce Use and Placement

Before choosing a wall sconce, consider where you will put it. Positioning the sconce is more about where you want the light than the size of the sconce. When considering bathroom sconce height, the lights within the sconce should be about 64 to 68 inches above the ground. The general rule ensures that the sconces are at the right height to illuminate your face when in front of the mirror.

However, keep in mind the height of the people using the bathroom. If they are taller or shorter, this placement may not work. Adjust the wall sconce’s height to accommodate their height. If you are adding only one sconce to the space, it should be placed about 6-8 inches above the mirror to provide light throughout the entire bathroom.

Tips for Matching your Bathroom Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures

By focusing on the design of your fixtures, you can develop a cohesive, attractive look in your bathroom. The fixtures in your bathroom are usually made of metal with an outer finish in a variety of colors. Having matching fixtures is a great way to give your bathroom a pleasing design flow. Here are a couple of things to think about when matching bathroom lighting and fixtures.

  • Consider a person’s line of sight. This means when someone glances around the bathroom, the bathroom faucet and other fixtures should match the wall sconce to create a pleasing view.
  • Stick to similar finishes. Matching the finish on your wall sconces to the faucets and other fixtures is a great way to refresh your bathroom and maintain unity in the overall design.

Types of Bathroom Wall Sconces

Once you know how many sconces you need and where they will be placed, the fun begins. There are as many types of bathroom wall sconces as there are bathrooms, so shopping for one can be both exhilarating and challenging.

Bunker Hill 19 Inch 2 Light Bath Vanity Light by Hubbardton Forge

Placed on either side of the vanity mirror, these Bunker Hill 19 Inch 2 Light Bath Vanity Lights by Hubbardton Forge brighten the space with their polished chrome finish and opal glass shades. Not only does the polished chrome match the fixtures in the bathroom, it also complements the vanity top as the mirror reflects the gentle light throughout the room.

Paxton 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Crystorama

The subtle crystals on the Paxton 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Crystorama create an elegant look over this double-sink vanity. If a trio of sconces gives the space the lighting in needs. The antique gold finish on the sconces matches the finish on the vanity’s hardware. The white silk shade complements the soothing neutral color palette.

Aerin Jacqueline 10 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

A wall sconce is the perfect way to create drama in a small bathroom or powder room. But since these spaces tend to be tight, making a statement with the Aerin Jacqueline 10 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co. brings just the right about of flair. Mounted on the side, it illuminates the space in the most beautiful way.

Theater Row 10 Inch Wall Sconce by Quoizel

In addition to matching finishes, matching shapes can create a sense of whimsy in your bathroom. Nostalgic and trendy, these Theater Row 10 Inch Wall Sconces by Quoizel are both fun and elegant. The exposed Edison bulbs are a nod to the past, while the perfect circle shape is truly fresh and modern.

Olivia 18 Inch Wall Sconce by Mitzi

Even more modern is the Olivia 18 Inch Wall Sconce by Mitzi, seen here in triplicate. The matte black finish on the sconces brings a fresh, fanciful look to the space that blends transitional charm with a distinctively contemporary vibe.

Whether you’re looking to create a glamorous bath of glass and crystal or going for a transitional feel, there’s a wall sconce out there that is perfect for your bathroom. Make your first stop the Capitol Lighting showroom near you, or schedule a virtual consultation where you can ask as many questions as you like and find the perfect wall sconces for your bathroom.


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