7 Coastal Glam Lights That Enhance Your Beach Themed Decor

There are so many ways to create a beach-themed décor. You can paint the walls blue, install sea glass tile backsplash, hang coral artwork, incorporate rope or other nautical accessories, and fill jars with seashells. And while these are all beautiful elements, they’re also fairly obvious. Lighting, on the other hand, is where your coastal design could potentially hit it a dune. Do you go with traditional fixtures or would rustic lighting be a better balance to white-washed wood? It’s a tough decision, but here’s an idea that will make it easier: glam lights.

That’s right. Hollywood-style glam lights enhance your beach-themed décor, and we’ll prove it to you.

What Are Glam Lights?

From a style perspective, there isn’t any single definition of glam lights. These fixtures can take on a mid-century modern design or might be purely traditional. What you’re looking for are features that will elevate your space.

Think back to old Hollywood, when women wore long satin gowns and draped fuzzy fur shawls around their shoulders. Back then, diamonds were a girl’s best friend and red lips were their weapon of choice. It was a look. But more than that, it was a feeling.

These powerful feminine touches created a sense of sophistication. Everything from the waves in their hair to the Swarovski crystals on their kitten heels spoke of class and luxury. Now, imagine all those high-end materials, layered textures and smooth, elegant lines translated into a light fixture. That is glam lighting.

If this all seems a little vague, simply follow the cheat sheet below.  

The key features of glam lights:

Color palette – While old Hollywood’s red lipstick will always be classy, it is not an indication of lighting design. Glam light fixtures tend to have soft neutral tones, like silver, beige and even light pink or baby blue.

Finishes/materials – While the colors are soft, the finishes are shiny. Shiny may mean polished metals, or it could be a reflective material. When light hits crystal or glass, it bounces around. Not only does this give the illusion of shimmer, but it also amplifies the fixture’s presence.

Shapes – Glam lighting doesn’t have a distinguishable form, though glam pendant lights do commonly have a round drum design. Regardless of the type of fixture, your best bet is to look for feminine curves and lots of layering. Single patterns are either repeated or different textures will be mixed together.

Why Your Beach Themed Décor Would Benefit From Glam Lights

Maybe you’ve seen farmhouse lighting on Pinterest that you love. Maybe you want to make a statement with geometric lighting fixtures. At this point, why would you even consider glam lights for your beach themed décor? It’s a fair question, but there are valid – and influential – reasons to go for the glam lights:   

They add elegance.

This one should be obvious. After all, glam lights are a high-end décor choice. With all their shimmering metallics and shapely curves, elegance exudes from these fixtures like a beautiful piece of jewelry. In fact, all you need to dress up a room are some glam pendant lights and a dimmer switch. Between the beautiful designs and adjustable light temperature, it will feel like a professionally designed space.

They modernize your home.    

Though glam lights aren’t definitively modern in design, they do signify a sense of style. Accenting your home with high-end lighting accessories is one of the easiest ways to show off your creative side and prove you have a penchant for design. Like lifestyle blogger, Jade Scott says, “follow your instincts.” Plus, to use lighting as a form of expression is very new-age of you. Don’t waste this opportunity on standard, big-box light fixtures.

They balance casual pieces.

Coastal homes are meant to be chill. In fact, they take pride in their tranquility. The couches are thick and cozy, accent chairs are made of rattan, and cable-knit throw blankets are always within reach. That being said, good design always strikes a balance. With too many plush furnishings and found-on-the-beach accessories, the look could be saying “man-cave” not “coastal”. Adding a touch of elegance ensures your space is comfortable, but not too casual.

4 Tips for Adding Glam Lights to Your Beach Themed Déco

1. Go organic.

Bringing the outside in is the number one goal when creating a beach interior design. Where your home ends and that salty air begins should be a blurry line. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate organic materials whenever possible. Think about driftwood, seashells, and glass. These are popular shoreline finds that frequently make their way into glam lighting designs.  

Your glam light inspiration:

The Eve pendant light adds beach themed decor to a light-and-airy bedroom.

Eve by Federick Ramond

Though the Eve pendant light isn’t made of actual wood, it still manages to imitate nature. In fact, the intertwining, hand-forged tubes are so hammered the fixture looks like a piece of ocean-battered driftwood. Plus, the Champagne gold finish is exactly the soothing tone you need in your bedroom or cozy reading nook.

Elevate your beach themed decor with the elegant, fish-inspired Koi pendant light.

Koi by Corbett Lighting

The repeating layers of Koi fish scales make this 22-inch-long pendant a masterful combination of glam lighting and coastal themed décor. Seasoning the organic flavor are two mother-of-pearl accent rings and a natural linen lamp shade. There’s a lot in this one fixture that pulls the outside in, which is why the Koi pendant deserves to be hung in a high-trafficked area.

2. Ride the waves.

“Ride the waves” is another way of saying “go with the flow.” Look for light fixtures that have motion in their ocean. Whether it’s actual waves or just a nod to Mother Nature’s beautiful elements, there are countless ways a piece of lighting can come alive.  

Your glam light inspiration:

Expand beach themed decor into the bathroom with the recycled glass Fascination wall light.

Fascination by Varaluz

Thanks to the Fascination’s varying metallic circles and wavy recycled glass, your eye never stops moving left to right, up and down. Just as its name implies, this bath vanity light lures you in and grabs hold. Even if you add more décor, it won’t matter. This wall fixture will wash over you.

The wavy, gold-tinted Chimera pendant light hangs in a Victorian-style living room.

Chimera by Corbett Lighting

If you really want to make waves, take on the Chimera pendant. Its dynamic shape sings songs of the sea, while crystal tassels drip down like a wind chime. With this glamorous piece hanging inside, it won’t matter how far you live from the beach. The sounds of the ocean will always be close.  

3. Get sandy.

While it can be bottled up in jars, most of the sand inside your home is in the form of color. Obviously, real sand has varying degrees of color, but that’s what makes almost any soft beige tone suitable for beach-themed décor. The best part? Beige is already a key feature of glam lights, which means “getting sandy” will be the easiest part – just like it is when you’re on the beach.

Your glam light inspiration:

The Capri pendant's soothing sand tones feel every bit coastal over a kitchen island.

Capri by ELK Lighting

Just like the grains of the beach, this glam pendant light has a mix of soothing sand tones. The Capri’s unique variations are made from hand-blown glass pieced together in a meticulous fashion. This fixture couldn’t be more fitting for a coastal home. Of course, because of its size, you’ll want to sprinkle several Capri mini pendants across the room – or kitchen island.

Lure guests inside your coastal inspired interior with the mobile-style Serenity pendant.

Serenity by Corbett Lighting

Who needs to collect sand dollars when you have a dazzling mobile of natural glass and stone right at home? The Serenity’s textured discs trigger great memories of walking barefoot on the beach, while the gold-leaf starburst might remind you of warm sunny days. Use this piece to lure guests at your entryway or in your master bedroom with ocean views. The soft, moon-like glow will send you into a trance.

4. Leave an imprint.

Have you ever taken a walk on the wet sand and looked back at your footprints? You know they’re going to get washed away. But for a moment in time, you’ve made your mark. Because of their opulence and shimmer, glam lights have the potential to make a big statement, as well. The difference, of course, is that their impression never fades.

Your glam light inspiration:

The Party Girl wall sconce is a statement-making beach themed decor accessory.

Party Girl by Corbett Lighting

From the crystal column to the mosaic light shade, the Party Girl is a treasure chest of glitz and glam. You don’t even have to turn it on for the party to start. The ovals of glass reflect whatever coastal colors are within reach. And, of course, when you do flip the switch, light bounces around like a disco ball. That’s why this wall sconce belongs next to your bed or any other room you want to jazz up.

“Sea” a New Side of Coastal

You can nail beach-themed décor with nautical accessories and a cool color palette. But what you choose for lighting can change the entire design effect. When you go glam with your fixtures – adding soft, metallic shine and natural shimmer – your home becomes a more elegant living space. It goes from kitschy to classy. As you can “sea” from all these coastal-inspired glam lights, there’s a whole new shoreline worth exploring. But are you ready to venture out?


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