8 Timeless Quoizel Lighting Designs for Your Home

There’s no place like home, and there’s certainly no place like your home. The environment you create between your four walls is one-of-a-kind, and Quoizel believes it should stay that way. Their high-quality lighting designs feature handcrafted elements that cannot be imitated. So when you begin planning your home’s lighting features, put Quoizel at the top of your list. They offer a wide selection of options, from rustic exterior wall sconces to modern ceiling lights for your dining room.

Of course, there’s more to Quoizel than their good looks and charm. Learn more about their humble beginnings and what makes their lighting designs exceptionally impressive.

The Story Behind Quoizel Lighting Design

Their Timeline

1930 – The planets aligned and Michael Chaikin seized an opportunity. He began selling lamps at a shop on 25th street in Manhattan and working with the finest artisans he could find. Mr. Chaikin named his newfound company Quoizel at the suggestion of a friend. His friend had taken an interest in astrology and considered the planet’s alignment a sign of good fortune. In astrological terms, “Quoizel” (pronounced kw-eye-zelle) describes the conjunction of several planets. That’s all Mr. Chaikin needed to know…Quoizel was born!

1964 – Eventually, Quoizel moved its production to Long Island, New York. By 1964 the brand was still primarily manufacturing its Quoizel lamps and the factory had only four employees.

1960s and ‘70s – The planets aligned again for Quoizel when Ira Phillips came into the picture. Ira Phillips was an outgoing man with a love for people and a knack for sales. He asked Quoizel for a measly $150 per week to do sales and merchandising. Later, Mr. Phillips said he could double Quoizel’s sales if they made him director. They took a chance – and were happy they did.

1985 – Revenue surpasses $500,000. The following year, Ira Phillips acquired 100% of Quoizel lighting after buying out Michael Chaikin’s son, Lou.

Early 1990s – Quoizel bought another building and expanded its product line to include mirrors and artwork. At this point, Ira’s children had joined the company and they now had 200 employees. Quoizel was now doing so well that they needed to expand their facilities even more. The only problem was land and electricity in New York were much too expensive. So, the Phillips clan looked south to Charleston, South Carolina.

1996 – Quoizel relocated its headquarters to Goose Creek, SC with almost all of its employees following suit. The company was not only made up of family members, but had become one big family of its own. One person who stayed behind on Long Island was Toni Phillips (Ira’s daughter), who headed up the administrative, customer service, and advertising departments.

2002 to today – The company has grown to become a powerhouse in residential lighting and one of the most respected brands in the world. With more than 400 employees, Quoizel still holds true to its core values and family traditions. With an incredible leadership team and a focus on the future, they are planning to keep it that way for decades to come.

Their Fixtures & Collections

As you know, Quoizel lamps are what started the company. One of Quoizel’s most renowned collections is their Tiffany line of lamps and pendants. These stunning, high-end pieces capture the standards set by Louis Comfort Tiffany – the creator of the stained glass marvels. People still flock to the Quoizel brand to start or build their own home collection of Tiffany lights.  

Of course, Quoizel has become known for much more than lamps. Today, they boast more than 2,000 designs as part of over 500 different collections. Below is a breakdown of what you can find under the Quoizel umbrella.

Interior light fixtures:

  • Bath lighting
  • Ceiling lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Fandeliers (a combination unit that includes fan blades in chandelier-style lighting design)
  • Lamps
  • Pendants

Exterior light fixtures:

  • Hanging lights
  • Outdoor-rated ceiling lights
  • Post lights and accessories
  • Wall lights

In addition to their interior and exterior lighting designs, Quoizel offers decorative mirrors. They come in all shapes and sizes; some with ornate frames, others with seamless edges. Among their most recent mirror designs, you’ll find integrated LED technology. In Quoizel’s 2020 catalog, the Cynthia, Fowler, and Greer mirrors all have integrated lighting design with dimming capabilities and a color temperature control feature.  

Their Lighting Design Style

It’s no secret that skilled craftsmanship is at the core of Quoizel lighting design. In fact, each piece of glass used to create the Tiffany line is individually selected for its color, translucency, and design effect. With anywhere from 200 to 2,000 pieces of hand-cut pieces of glass, you can rest assured that quality control is top-notch. Their high-end collectibles aren’t the only ones that get special treatment, though. Quoizel uses mouth-blown glass and hand-applied finishes to guarantee every fixture offers long-lasting value to your home. Whether you’re looking for rustic chandeliers or a contemporary wall sconce, Quoizel crafts lighting to endure the test of time. Once you invest in a Quoizel lighting design, you’ll never need another fixture.

8 Timeless Quoizel Lighting Designs You’ll Love

Sometimes, seeing is believing. So, here are our top eight Quoizel lighting designs and why each – or all – of them deserves a place in your home.

Sleek, polished chrome Aviary suspension light design hangs above kitchen island.

1. Aviary

About the Aviary: A 54-inch suspension light with six candle bulbs lined in up a row

Why you’ll love it: The Avery has a simplistic design that makes it a universally respected lighting element. Its light, open cage and polished nickel finish will gracefully float above a sleek, modern kitchen. You could just as easily use this geometric piece to dress up your farmhouse dining table and balance the visual weight.

The Chalmers outdoor wall lighting design has old-world charm next to dark wood door.

2. Chalmers

About the Chalmers: A 19-inch outdoor wall light with a Wet UL rating to withstand the elements

Why you’ll love it: Add old-world charm with the Chalmers wall light. With its bright aged copper finish, this gas-lantern lighting design captivates the attention of those who arrive at your home. Influenced by Charleston street lights, the Chalmers feels authentic adorning and lighting your doorway. You might find yourself reaching for the glass door, so you can light the petite candelabra inside.

Dury semi-flush mount lends elegant European lighting design to modern entryway.

3. Dury

About the Dury: A 15-inch semi-flush mount with three bulbs and three finish options.

Why you’ll love it: While the criss-cross pattern might typically be considered a modern lighting design technique, this piece is complete regal elegance. Just take a look at the candelabra core. Each arm has an exaggerated curve that dips below the cage’s rim. Plus, that rounded body feels full and feminine, like a French country cottage. Without a doubt, you’ll fall in love with the Dury’s inner and outer beauty.

Emery bell-shaped pendant in bronze accents a traditional or farmhouse kitchen design.

4. Emery

About the Emery: A 13-inch large pendant with one powerful light and three timeless finish options.

Why you’ll love it: The Emery’s classic bell-shaped shade will make you feel nostalgic for yesteryear’s simpler American lifestyle. This artisan lighting design even has a handle loop tied into the socket, so it looks like an original hanging lantern. Arrange three Emery pendants over your traditional-style kitchen for trendy task lighting where you need it most.

Kolt bath vanity lighting design takes an old hurricane glass and turns it upside down.

5. Kolt

About the Kolt: A 21-inch bathroom vanity light that hangs directly above your mirror.

Why you’ll love it: Quoizel has taken its original hurricane lamp lighting design and turned it upside down. Not only does this bath vanity light look fresh and modern, but it has a rich, timeless history. Any bathroom in the 21st century could benefit from this double-layer, three-light fixture. But if you really want it to be the focus, pair it with a frameless mirror and let your eyes be drawn upward towards the brilliance of the design.

Mirren chandelier is a lightweight lighting design that balances a thick, round dining table.

6. Mirren

About the Mirren: A lightweight, 28-inch chandelier with six branching arms.

Why you’ll love it: This slim silhouette will sweep you off your feet. Even with its dark bronze finish, the Mirren offers a surprisingly elegant tone to your eat-in-kitchen or light-filled dining room. In fact, the chandelier is such an organic fit, its lightweight branches are practically begging for wrap-around ivy.

Morocco pendant is a glass lighting design with a vintage Edison bulb that provides task lighting.

7. Morocco

About the Morocco: A 15-inch, pendant-style Edison light bulb fixture.

Why you’ll love it: The Morocco pendant is an exquisite example of Quoizel’s hand-blown glass lighting designs. This one was meticulously shaped with countless tiers of sensuous curves and smooth ridges. The robust bottom and slender neck were clearly inspired by a genie bottle. If you’re looking to add a touch of exotic without being overtly eccentric, this contemporary fixture is your (glowing) ticket.

A pair of Newbury outdoor wall lights illuminates this coastal-style front porch.

8. Newbury

About the Newbury: A 14-inch tall outdoor wall light with glass enclosure.

Why you’ll love it: If variety is the spice of life, the Newbury wall light is full of flavor. You can choose from six different finishes, ranging from a classic Mystic Black to a reflective Pewter that offers a light dose of texture. Of course, it’s not just the finish that makes this fixture flair. The beveled glass case and swiveled hook makes this lantern lighting design look like a fairytale come true.

Light for Life

Are you ready to make a once-in-a-lifetime décor decision for your one-of-a-kind home? With Quoizel lighting designs, it’s an easy call. This family-owned company brings quality craftsmanship, long-lasting style and friendly customer service to every project. All you have to do is say yes.


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